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Team Possible Shithole is a Centralised Mafia Dictatorship Run by Two-Faced Psycopathic Bullies with Fake Smiley Faces who also use fake altruism to justify stealing and Cheating from "other" guild members (because special VAG entitlement), and then by brainwashing and convincing the desperate 3rd world slaves, that it's perfectly ok to do so.

By "other", I refer to anyone that does not bow down and submit to the will of her Majesty's Secret Service (special entitled VAG), and her pussy-whipped guild Master and twin head of the snake.

The 3rd world slaves comply and desperately scramble do everything they please, at a moments notice in the shadows of discord...They even call them them "boss" and "coach", just to make sure that their masters know who is in charge, while they also co-operate and engage in the literal bullying and psychological operations of creating secret Kangaroo Courts, in secret channels while locking the "accused" out of their own Kangaroo Court hearing, without the ability to either hear any of the so-called "charges", or to even defend themselves against those same trumped up charges, to ensure that they be made an example of in front of their "clan". This is done, so that anyone who dares to have even a slightly different opinion, or who has the nerve to criticise or question the non-existant and shady "ethics" of her Majesty, is aware that they will be punished to the full extent of the head dictators and their self-written laws that can be change at any time that they wish, including during the process of a private execution which involves gaslighting their entire clan, by using their useful idiots as shields to cover the crimes of her Majesty, the special VAG.

When they cheat (using their 3rd world slaves), they like to call it a "mistake", to then use that as an excuse to exonerate themselves of deliberate and conscious actions they knew would harm others and their to increase their own gains - in other words manipulating results and throwing matches. Who could possibly think that is cheating? Of course not, it's just a mistake, we promise!

Everything is just an accident or a "mistake". After all, they believe in "helping each other" at the tip of the pyramid. It's only a mistake or an accident, even when they use another members account as a sacrificial lamb to both maximise their earnings, and minimise the targets earnings - all for the special and entitled VAG and her eternal grudge and vendetta against the target.

How can that possibly be deliberate? Gaslighting desperate people, works miracles...and when you have a special VAG and a pussy-whipped guild master, who defends their shady actions at ALL COSTS, you have the perfect recipe for success (unless you are the victim).