Booster, B.1.1.529 and Hive on the moon

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Today's post is going to be a bit of a ramble about COVID jabs, the B.1.1.529 variant and Hive on the moon

COVID booster jab
Today I went to have my COVID booster jab. UK was the first country in the world to roll out the COVID vaccination program in December 2020, and to date 68% of the UK population are fully jabbed.

I had my first jab in March and my second one in May. In UK we get a booster five months after our second jab. I've been waiting to hear from the NHS (National Health Service) for a while about my booster. Then I decided to check the online system and realised I could make an appointment immediately. The booster program isn't run as efficient as the original vaccination program, in that there are less vaccination centers available. The nearest one was about 20km away. I hadn't been to that town before so decided to make a day out of it.

The vaccination center was inside the main shopping centre in town. That itself was run very efficient. Ten minutes later I was jabbed and told to sit around for 15 minutes before I leave.


I even got a sticker this time. I didn't get one for the two previous jabs.

B.1.1.529 COVID variant
Talking of COVID, today I just heard on the news about a new deadly variant called B.1.1.529, which according to experts is "the worst one we've seen so far", even worse than the Delta variant. The variant originates from Africa, and UK has suspended all flights from six African countries including South Africa. When I was looking at the vaccination records for UK just now, I took a look at the rates for South Africa as well. I was very surprised to see it being so low at less than 24%. Nigeria, another country's flight suspended by UK, vaccination rate is even lower at 1.7%. I know there has been discussions about the inequality of vaccine distributions across countries around the world, and this is reflected in these numbers. I hope my Hive friends in South Africa and Nigeria are staying safe if you're not vaccinated yet.


Hive on the moon
That's probably the talk of the day since yesterday. I can't remember the last time Hive was at this level (or is this the ATH so far?). At the time of writing it's over $3, which actually isn't that high compared to shitSteem ATH in 2018 when it was over $8. To be honest,back then I didn't pay much attention to the price because my stake was so small. I never considered selling as whatever I sold back then, even at $8, would probably cover my living expenses for maybe one or two months, or maybe a new computer, or many nice meals. Then I'd have to start from zero again. I didn't want to keep doing that and stay at the bottom of the minnow pond forever.

Anyway the morale of this story, especially for newbies who joined recently.. it may be very tempting to power down and cash out all your liquid Hive now. But before you do that, take a moment to think whether it's easier to grow your account from nothing to something, or from something to something even bigger? I can tell you the latter was easier for me and that's why I think Hive is on the moon, it's not there yet.

Whatever your decision, be happy with it.

[Not finance advice]


I just recently completed my second dose of the vaccine last Nov. 10. You might wonder why so late, well I was waiting for the Pfizer brand to be rolled out in our city. The brand that was readily available then was Astra Zeneca and Sinovac which was not okay with me. Sounds a bit foolhardy. They said the best vaccine is the one that's available. True but I still preferred the Pfizer brand based on news articles I have read about the different kinds of vaccines. You know, things like some brands using stem cells of aborted babies, some with low antibody build up. But all bridge under the water. The Pfizer brand was made accessible to the public last October and I got the jab. No roll out news yet here about the booster shots.

Yes, looks like Hive is "mooning". I hope it continues. I made the decision to cash out today but only my liquid Hive and HBD. My HP, I will continue to build up to grow my account. I agree it's better to build from something to something even better. Great advice.

I had AZ for my first two jabs, I'm ok with that and didn't have any side effects at all. Luckily UK does not offer the Sino crap, I might as well take a saline injection than that!! But it's good you're fully jabbed now, but still take care!

I also feel very tempted to cash out a little bit as I rarely do that and missed out on previous occasions. I'll see if the price still holds when I get round to doing it. If it happens it happens, if it doesn't I won't be upset.

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Reading the news this morning, I see they're just putting a number of African countries onto the red list in response. SOme European countries are locking down again, thankfully, none that will stop my trip at Christmas so far but I'm certainly #prayingforfinland as that where I'll be flying through in just over two weeks! Time to nip the cheeks and stay hopeful for a straightforward passage!

You stay safe and well done on getting your booster, the fight against Covid looks like it will be going on for a long time to come!

Yah!! You're back for Christmas!! Fingers crossed all goes smoothly through transit and everything. How long you back for? If you're down in London and fancy a catch up, let me know.

Btw, you fully jabbed now? If not, get it done when you're back

Managed to get a pair of Pfizer's here courtesy of the Thai government! Not sure how long I'll be here as I haven't gone through all the ins and outs of getting back but I will be having a couple of days down there as I'll be flying out of London so I'll let you now. Thank you :-)

I remember the good old Steemit days

The pre Sun days, it wasn't perfect, but the platform was so new and everyone was still trying to figure out how to do things. The majority people wanted the best for the chain until Sun came to trash things.

Those were the days. Upwards and forwards on hive!!

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Hive Is on fire and I am having the feeling that it will hit $10 soonest

That will be nice, but take it slowly will be better. If it shoots to $10 too quick there will be mayhem, and we don't want that on Hive

Yes that true though. I hope it move gradually and not just boom to the sky

it may be very tempting to power down and cash out all your liquid Hive now. But before you do that, take a moment to think whether it's easier to grow your account from nothing to something, or from something to something even bigger? I can tell you the latter was easier for me and that's why I think Hive is on the moon, it's not there yet.

I couldn't agree more with this point. In the beginning I cash out all my Hive to get more profit, but I also think that I must have a good calculation for the future instead of being hype for a moment.

Anyway, I was discussed with @titisnariyah about how to make great contents in this platform over thinking about how much we should cash out all of our asset.

But, thank you for the insight. Hope you stay health wherever you are.😇

I think it's all about what your profit can bring to you in life. If it's something significant like a new computer or motorcycle to help you get around, or helping out a sick family member, I think that's great. But if it's just to pay for a nice meal, personally I think that's quite expensive. But that's my personal opinion. Ultimately it's all about how others decide to support you when you cash out all the time and what makes you happy.

You stay safe as well

Congrats in the booster. France opened up their booster program to all adults a fee days ago as well. We will need to book our shots soon.

Hive to the moon! Haha
I thought about powering down and trying to trade my way to a bigger HP stake. Maybe selling HP to a stable coin and then buying back when the price drops. But that requires powering down and I know that I will miss-time everything and mess it all up and probably lose money lol. I'm not a trader.

I think I'll just leave my HP for now and keep growing.

I think I'm like you. Being a crypto investor takes a lot time and you need to be savvy, which I'm not. Fair play to those who spend time on it and make gains.

You will gain in the long run by growing your account on Hive, thats how I see it. This is what keeps me going, the long term upside Vs short term profit. And worse case if Hive flops which I don't think it will, I haven't lost anything coz I haven't invested any fiat in the first place.

I just got my second dose last Monday. The news of a new variant makes me nervous, now I looking for a schedule for my booster instead of me relaxing a bit.

if you just got your second jab, I think you don't need a booster for another few months? Just be careful when you go out and stay away from people. Take care

My wife and I just got our booster shots as well. Thank you doing your part to help keep people safe. My wife and I work in public education so we have been lucky enough to get our shots a bit earlier than most other people our age.

Hive will surely make waves in the nearest future. This is just the starting point.