Ban List For Naughty Air Passengers?

in #tech2 years ago

Air travel has changed much over the past two years. My COVID-19 flights have been an experience and I am always grateful towards the crew that provide as much as they can and get me somewhere safe. Yet the small minority that hurl abuse, cause disturbance and potentially become dangerous to others continue to plague flights. Airlines dealing with misbehaving passengers is an ongoing issue that may see further measures to curb such events in the future.

As a passenger we are to abide by the rules of flight and follow instruction. There are of course instances of poor service and even compensable events as a customer but there is little to punish misbehaving passengers. Delta Airlines is seeking to pursue a shared list of such offenders and ground them once and for all. Airline hopping will not be possible and those that offend in the sky will be hit by the ban hammer across this unified list. Airlines sharing such information would be a first and it raises discussion around the legal protocol to follow if a ban was ever to appear.

I personally feel those who cause serious issue in the air need to face consequences. Fines are handed out without legal enforcement and a ban list might make offenders think twice. But there would be much work needed before such a system comes into place. The severity of offence, duration of bans and sufficient judgement based on clear evidence would be needed.