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Hi, Steemians I am @ajmalaftab and I am here with new post this post is about #Cars πŸš— and Cars top companies which are doing great job as everyone want Car to enjoy their lives to make everyone lives comfortable these companies are doing well job.I am also a Car lover so I decided to do post on #Cars not only #cars on great #Cars such #Toyota and #Honda Cars etc these both companies are good which are introducing new technologies day by day.

This is a BMW Company and this is very popular all over the world due to its unique technology.BMW is basically a #German technology which introduces unique model every year. #BMW worth is $61.8 billion which is very high amount.#BMW sales in 2016 were recorded which 2.5 % high than 2015.The top models of BMW are hybrid i3 and i8 which became #BMW popularity reason and now #BMW is on top luxury car producer in the world.

This is a Volkswagen which is a very popular company in the world that produce luxury cars in the world like #BMW this is also a #German technology which has a great identity in the field of luxury cars manufacturing.The worth of #Volkswagen is 76.7 billion us dollars which is the great amount as compare to #BMW.In 2016 #Volkswagen manufactured a million automobiles which are huge quantity.The company reputation was dropped 37% in 2015 due to #EPA revealed on cheating emissions tests.

This popular company is Daimler and produce luxury and attractive cars because it is also a #German technology and worth of this company is 79 billion US dollars which are high than #BMW and #Volkswagen.This company is owner of
#Mercedes-Benz brand which is very popular in the world and #Daimler sailed out 10 million vehicles last year.

This is a #Tesla which is known for its great shining luxury cars and the total worth of #Tesla is 57.6 billion US dollars which quite low than #BMW and #Volkswagen this company is doing a great job in 2016 it's produced 83,222 vehicles which is a great achievement.The CEO of this company is a visionary man which want to stand this company on the top in the world.

This an everyone juice Honda Which is a Japanese technology and spread all over the world due to its great impressive work and luxury models of cars each year such as Honda Civic and Honda City etc.The worth of #Honda is 50 Billion Us Dollars which is low than #Tesla, #BMW, #Volkswagen and #Daimler but without this difference #Honda is doing g an od job.

This is a Ford which is a #American technology and it is a pillar of #United-States auto industry since last century.The total worth of #Ford is 44.9 billion US Dollars which is low than #Honda, #BMW, #Volkswagen but growing well and this company is going to introduce fully driverless car till 2021 and I hope this company will get success.

This is a #Toyota which is #Japanese company and very popular in the world due to its original and attractive work with $174.2 billion worth it is on the top in the field of car πŸš— manufacturing and getting ready to success more and more in the future this company is good participation in the progress of #Japan #Prius is great model of #Toyota which got much popularity in the world.


Thanks (SEI) Steem Education Initiative, @cryptokraze, @techblogger, @adsactly for support me to become able to do such post on steemit

Regards: @ajmalaftab

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