Japan Grants Safety Certificate To Flying Car

SkyDrive has been granted a safety certificate from the Japanese government for their flying car concept. They were able to conduct a successful pilot test last year. As companies in Japan and elsewhere continue to move forward we could be closer to the realization of more flying vehicles soon.

The interest is there for consumers and investors to push these projects forward and now we are seeing more car makers get into the business as well. With Hyundai and others looking into the flying car business this could become a reality in the future if governments embrace the change and afford companies the freedom to explore transportation alternatives. One thing is certain and that is that traffic in many regions worldwide is a nightmare and maybe flying cars can help to reduce some of that congestion.


If you have ever flown a drone in your life or been close to one that flies, you know the noise that the propellers make. And I'm talking about a small drone. Can you imagine having 1000 of these huge drones flying over your head all day? This is one more thing to entertain us in things that will never be reality ... at least with the technology that currently exists. And I'm just talking about the noise not to mention other things that are worse.

it is already a reality with successful flights demonstrated, just needs to become further commercialized

Do you hear the sound from the motors in the video? Do it again and after read what I wrote. Drones exist since some years now but this tech is not the best for "flying cars".

And also to fly this thing is not like driving an automatic car. Maybe the word "cars" make people to think that it is the same but it is not.

Btw, this on the video will only fly, can not go in the streets like a car, no wheels on it. So this is more a "personal drone" that a "flying car".

this isn't the only version out there and obv it matters how high they will be flying, sooner or later i think we will see them become more prevalent in the market it is just a matter of time.. as with crypto :) i dont see a prob with flying cars, and there were prob similar complaints from those who were against airplanes at first

i dont see a prob with flying cars, and there were prob similar complaints from those who were against airplanes at first

Yes because everybody can and is aloud to fly an airplane like we drive cars atm, right. I forgot this part.

Look, to dream is ok but we have more serious and realistic problems before arriving to the "flying cars" part (who are really not cars at all but drones, whatever model you can name here is the same, a drone) ...

I do not see how this have to do or have any siomilarity with crypto 😅

Hmm, now i wonder if Microsoft sold the skydrive name.

Flying car? So finally there will be no more (or at least less) traffic jams on the streets?