Tell A Story To Me Roundup - Vote and Win Steembasicincome - Hollow Earth Edition

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Hollow Earth: Part two, vote for your favorite entry to win! Another amazing showing, I am just honoured to get submissions from such a talented group of writers <3

tell a story final.jpg

Artwork by Mad Uncle Studios

More Prizes?

That's right, there are even more prizes in part two of each round, this time eight voters can win! As if that wasn't enough, we are now giving away snax tokens to every winner voting as well! If you haven't heard of this wonderful treasure, check out the bananafish post or this interview over on crowdmind - safe to say we never turn down a chance to stock the bounty chest with gold to give away! Heard of it already? Want to get started? You can visit the snax website to set up your wallet.

Popular Choice - wins 1 SBD and 2 @steembasicincomes shares

Six Winning Voters (Authors) - 1 @steembasicincome share & 100 snax tokens for six authors who vote for their favorite story

Two Winning Voters (Public) - 1 @steembasicincome share & 100 snax tokens for two members of the public who vote for their favorite story

How To Win

Read the entries below and decide which one is your favorite, cast your vote down in the comments below to be in with a chance to win. Let me know which entry you liked the most, and why. The winners will be the most considered comments (which are not necessarily the longest).

Vote for your favorite story in the comments before the end of the day (23:59 BST) on Monday 24th June

This round, six authors who entered a story and two members of the public can win just by voting, so let's get stuck into the entries! As always, I make myself wait and read all the entries under the same conditions, so I can't wait to get into these myself, it looks like you have all got quite the treat in store for me <3

The Stories

Check out the fantastic stories and vote for your favorite in the comments.

@oivas with Hollow Earth

@wakeupkitty with Let Me Tell You A Story

@blueeyes8960 with The Galaxy Within

@sarez with City Of Gold

@deeanndmathews with Escape to Atlantis of the Inner Sun

@tristancarax with Terrors from the Subconscious

@vasigo with Worlds Beside Ours

@chireerocks with Hollow Earth

@riottales with The Underground

@agmoore with The Record, Chapter 2: A Perilous Mission

@darthgexe with Hollow Earth

@jadams2k18 with Mr. Okubo

@gaby-crb with Earth’s Cavity: A Life Below

Hankering for something to enter right now? Check out the latest round of #finishthestory with an opening by the amazingly gifted @f3nix - a dark liquorice twist of reality and possibility, what will you make of it...


The Bananafish Tribe!

Tell A Story To Me - new rounds out on the 1st of every month - is part of the @bananafish family, who run a selection of regular contests including a wonderful weekly #finishthestory contest (edition 54 out now), our esteemed haiku contest (currently on break) and one off special editions. All writers are welcome so give us a follow for your fiction fix!

A special thanks to @gwilberiol, @dirge, @tristancarax, @theironfelix, @raj808, @brisby, @maverickinvictus, @cyemela, @marcoriccardi, @hidden84, @calluna, @oivas, @ntowl, @f3nix,, @khasa @vdux and @blueeyes8960 who's precious delegations make these projects a reality!


Thank you so much to everyone who has entered this round, I feel so lucky to get so many stories, I really can't wait to get stuck in <3


My vote goes to gaby-crb.

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My VOTE is for @chireerocks. This short poem said so much in so little words that resonated with me. The rhythm of the piece was enjoyable along with the loose rhyme.

Thank you so much for voting me. Stay blessed.

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YES!!! It worked. How much food did you throw-up? bwahaha

Awakened life made me restless. And yes, i have to throw heavy food inside me to deep dive. 😄😄

Stay blessed.

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This was tough... it is amazing how many variations on dark and light there are when considering the possibilities of a hollow earth, although the idea of a refuge from life on the topside of earth is common. Yet since one of the criteria of great storytelling is to leave folks wanting more, I have to give it to @blueeyes8960 for the tantalizing "The Galaxy Within.". I would be ready to purchase the rest of the book if it were available -- what happened, already?

I'm going to vote for @gaby-crb's story. It is well-organized. Cleanly edited. It had a vision, which it realized from beginning to end without losing the thread. For me, these are important criteria in any form of writing. Plus, as I explained to @gaby-crb in my comment, she displayed a certain art, in foreshadowing the events (the bell tolls; light at the end of the tunnel). This is a tale of penance and redemption. And it is, at the same time, entertaining. I found myself wanting to discover how the story would end for this character.
What more could I want in a story?

@bananafish, Thank you so much for your kind mention. Stay blessed.

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Signing up on Snax does not work on my smartphone.

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It's better to use your desktop/laptop. For any issue I suggest you to contact them, this is their discord:

I don't have a laptop nor desktop so I can not use it.

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@calluna - I'm getting an error message when I click on this link --> @deeanndmathews with Escape to Atlantis of the Inner Sun

Someone's doing their reading

Very well noticed, thank you very much, was bound to happen eventually with my crazy keyboard bashing skills bwhahahahahsdjkajkfuifse!!

Fixed - sorry about that! Got a bit carried away on the link pasting there, all working now <3

I read all stories and it took me over 2 hours to load and be able to read.
Many stories have a lot in common... someone had to fled for...
A part I found hard to read and the descriptions of the sceneray etc plus the used words were too much for me.
Only 3 stories kept me reading on and had an interesting twist or even two.

I know as a fairy tale lover I do not fit in here and will also look for some story tale-alike I can understand. An easy written tale which also only smartphone users find it worth reading and scrolling and reading and scrolling.

For me the big winner is @deeanndmathews with her: Escape to atlantis of the inner sun.

The story answered my questions about Atlantis and more. It was a delight to read.

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You fit quite well in here @wakeupkitty. Continue to be around... Who doesn't like fairy tales? We literally grew up on it.. 😊

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My vote is for @Oivas.
I loved the angle this story took, with humans being proactive to fix the problems caused by a nuclear incident. The concept of creating clones to send off planet that matched those in the underground community was a unique choice.
This story just stood out the most in my mind after reading all the amazing entries with its freaky genetic manipulation.

Thank you @gaby-crb!

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The challenges of @bananafish are getting bigger and that makes me excited. I have a split vote between @jadams2k18 and @gaby-crb. Both stories have a clean, fluid and deceptive narrative and their literary structures are attractive. The end of Mr. Okubo was obvious and there are two narrative planes: the narrator and the character, like a movie; while Earth's Cavity: A Life Below captures from the beginning and is impeccable the development of the story with spaces for prose.

These stories were absolutely spectacular which made it hard to choose which one I liked the best. I gave it a day to see which one called me back the most. @deeanndmathews story I cannot stop thinking about. It was so well thought out and drew me in from the very beginning. Her attention to detail painted a beautiful story that I can’t wait to hear more about.