What do you think .. Too Vicious? Unfair? True words?

If he was talking from a position of total success and bulletproof strength, then telling people to piss off if they do not like how things are going, is acceptable - there are a lot of whiners in crypto, privileged kids who think they are suppose to get everything they want, instantaneously ... but, because they are having trouble securing a card issuer, and their future is far from guaranteed, they should be asking people, politely, to be patient with them, and thank them for their support ... period!

No, it is the truth - the TenX founder is a high energy guy no doubt about it, and to be in that position you have to be confident, but the way he was speaking to PAY holders is unprofessional and over-confident.

True words!

On first impression it looks as though its all working, but when you look deeper its not even anywhere near where it needs to be, to take off like Tenx needs.

Didn't sell. Just bought more at lower prices. The founder seems very genuine, and I like that :)

It is great video and good update. thanks @kurtbeil
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Im looking to create my own banking system with crypto, but it all seems so complicated. Can anyone explain how to do this???

I did download the app but it doesn't work, I'll keep an eye on Tenx before I invest anything. Thanks @kurtbeil

This TenX founder dude lacks good PR. He could unilaterally massacre the PAY token price with his reckless rants!

Well, he is being pretty upfront and honest. I always find it insulting when companies bring out these slick, smooth-talking douchebags that are experts at dodging questions and spinning info. I like that Julian addresses each issue specifically. Maybe some of his answers could have been phrased a little bit better, but I have a lot of respect for people who stand by their principles when the going gets tough.

@techwizardry Let me clarify myself. I'm not saying Julian should dodge questions or give sugar-coated answers. All I'm saying (and I'm glad you agree) is that he could have found a better and less harsh way to communicate the same message.

I agree. I think he was a annoyed with all the stupid questions from pumpers. It's hard to keep your cool sometimes when you you're being peppered with questions from a bunch of degenerates.

Lol I guess you're right. I'm glad to see the price for the PAY token go up despite all this drama : )

you're right our buy or sell should me more representating of the Company actions.

Oh f*** another ITO is about to fail. Thanks for providing such useful information friend!


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'My response above to the following Q&A with TenX founder ..' excellent response to him :) first expression about him said, 'he is a scammer'. useful info @kurtbeil

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exultant video & its good information.

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Co actions must be clearless, thanks for outstanding information

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It is Verry Nice video..!

awesome video thanks for sharing :)

Q&A session was amazing lot of cool things to learn thanks for sharing :)

oh i am freaking out thanks for the update @kurtbeil very much needed this video thanks a lot

looks like need to sell my TenX

Sell it and dont come back, Tenx doesn't need your support. Downvoted

i am still waiting to buy is it has good future for long term

Nice view!!!

I agree this Q&A is not going to win a beauty contest. However I do like how they take everybody serious and organise weekly Q&A's. Can't think of a single other company doing this. Some like to see slick talk from communication experts. I prefer authenticity ( with its's rough edges) because in the end,... it is what it is. What I saw was self-definition, transparency and authenticity.

He's telling it how it is - he's being up front with the purchasers, which is a good thing. He doesn't care right now about the price of the PAY token and never has so selling won't hurt him at all.

Also his "call to action" has seemed to work in the short term as there was a big spike in price today. Just adding my 2 cents, will have to wait and see how it goes from here.