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Hope you’re all doing well!
The days have been running together in a blur lately. Working hard to be prepared for the garden season, as well as many other things.


The pond has been frozen over yet again, it was almost completely open recently, and I was pleased to see flocks of ducks and seagulls enjoying the reprieve.


The seagulls I’m maybe a little less excited about. We never had seagulls in the pond when I was a kid. They showed up after the mink ranch started up several years ago.

Now they sometimes come in pretty massive groups. Hanging out at the mink ranch part of the day, then heading into the shelter of the trees later on for the night, making the pond a nice resting and gathering spot.

This many birds means a whole lot of poop! And since the pond is for swimming, fishing, and would be a water source for me in an emergency, I’m not a fan of them hanging out there. Not to mention the current risk of bird flu that could be spread to my ducks and the neighbour chickens.

It’s not ideal, but they’re beautiful birds, and in the video clip above, there were actually a few different types of gulls in the big group. I was interested to learn that some species do interbreed together, including the great black gulls. Which were significantly larger than all the rest of them. How do they decide their mates? How much of a thought process goes into such a thing for a seagull? I know crows are far more intelligent, but how much do other birds really think? The great black gulls must have some awareness of their physical differences, the other gulls would certainly take notice.

I love all animals, so curiosities such as this are enjoyable to me.

Anyway, the plants are all coming along nicely. I should have plenty of tomato plants this year, though I’ll likely start some more before I’m satisfied.
Like, how many tomato plants do I want? Maybe 30? Ok, I’ll plant 60. Just in case some die. Then 90 it is! 🤣
Having the space this year is beyond exciting. What I can’t fit in the greenhouse will go outside or wherever I can stuff them! It’s gonna be a jungle here when I’m through!!


I have some cannabis, peppers and several other things started as well. I’m super excited to have a few of the fancy corn plants sprout for me as well! The giant incan corn did sprout, I only got two so far but I’m so excited! Been calling them my babies!!! ❤️

You can read more about the corn here;

In cat news..

We all love a good sunbeam around here. And Batman decided to show me just how much!


I mean really, can he be more comfy and satisfied looking?

I think not.

We had some funky snow the other day, been calling it styro-snow! Funny little pellets that reminded a friend and I of that “dots” ice cream!



It didn’t last long, but was interesting for sure!

I’ve been heading to bed super early again lately, which is helping me very much in general. Honestly I find going to bed super early better for my mind and body in so many ways, I wake up to a totally silent house where I can meditate and relax. Drink tea and do yoga.

Generally only negative things seem to go on in the night. People send stressful messages or voicemails I don’t want to receive at the end of the day, things that then in turn keep me up either working on or thinking about. I’ve had trouble sleeping for months and it’s quite unhealthy.

I instead turn off all devices and go to sleep, and deal with the possible bullshit in the morning when I’m fucking well ready.
Being in a different time zone can be tough, it might be daytime for them, but it’s night for me, I’ve already had a full day, so being able to accurately, efficiently, unemotionally and rationally deal with mine or other peoples drama or problems etc.. at night is totally unreasonable. Whether it’s for work or friends and family, it doesn’t matter, I refuse to allow that stuff into my head after 6pm in MY time zone. 😂

And back to the silent house part. In my house in Edmonton they had started building a new train system right next to my place shortly after purchase. Had I known what was going to happen I never would have bought that house. It was a total nightmare.
Understand that for over 7 years, in addition to the normal city noises, I woke up to the sounds of construction. And I don’t mean minor construction either. I can’t count the amount of times I was shaken awake in my bed from whatever huge machines they were using at 6am, thinking a bomb was going off or earthquake or something. I would have workers in my front windows, hanging out eating lunch on my lawn. They brought folding chairs and smoked, playing music from their trucks and hung out like it was a party. They broke things, they ran over my gardens, spray painted lines on my lawn and flowers and ornaments, cracked off my trees and dug up my whole front yard several times. They left huge gaping holes near the sidewalk so they could have access to certain pipes when they needed, leaving sharp metal wires, rebar and cheap fencing in my walkway I would cut myself on if not careful. There was never parking for anyone visiting, it was hard to even get pizza delivered.
They blocked off the whole street in front of my house for over 5 years. Like, shut it down completely and built a barricade so they could keep equipment in the middle of the street. They had noisy generators to run lights all night so their equipment wouldn’t be stolen. Constant vibrating, yelling, banging, drilling and droning sounds day and night.
It was really awful.

So waking up to silence is a luxury I’m still getting used to. My ears almost don’t know how to deal with it sometimes, but I’m so very, very thankful.

I’ve made the joke many times that living there was like being in prison, and while I of course am kidding, I really had no escape from the noise.
So again, I am just so thankful to be out and free and in the middle of nowhere. The quiet could not be more comforting.


I hope you all have things to be grateful for in the morning, and if you’re looking to make changes, now is the time!

Some memes!






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Some days here are breathtaking, others will be gray and dull, I’m happy to share the different looks of the pond all year long 🙂


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deal with the possible bullshit in the morning when I’m fucking well ready.

Lol the best time to deal with other people's bullshit, if ever at all!

Your new place sounds like paradise compared to your old place. Sounds like paradise without comparison, really.

Thank you! It’s a paradise to me for sure! It’s got it’s flaws here, like no jobs, tons of alcoholism and the food security is not great, but since I plan to homestead, have a wood burning furnace and don’t drink it’s perfect 🙂
Give me a year or two and I’ll have a full food forest planted!! 💕 Ready for anything then!