Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hi Friends,

We are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US - for those who are also celebrating, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


We had some family come down sick so our plans have been upended a bit. We pivoted and are spending a couple days in Arizona with family.

Lots to be thankful for - current mood is: Thankful!

Thanks for coming by,


We sure have lots of things to be thankful for everytime

Beautiful pictures dear.

The place and sky seem beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving bro

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Hope the cabinets came out well too!

I pray that he gets well soon. You have done a very good search. Thanks for sharing.

Back at you! Enjoy Arizona!



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I’m just checking out your environment, the serenity and calm🥰. Beautiful place. They will all be fine so that you can enjoy.