Happy Thanksgiving, Hive!

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It's Thanksgiving Day in the USA! To some, this means parades and sports. To others, it means family gatherings. Historically, various harvest traditions and national observances have been amalgamated into this peculiar moveable feast of a federal holiday.

I can't guarantee I'll be active today, but I wanted to let you know I really do appreciate those of you who have supported my posts, commented, and even bickered back and forth. I'm also thankful for a censorship-resistant blockchain foundation where we can have serious conversations with little fear of being memory-holed.

If you're already camping out in front of some store in hopes of Black Friday shopping, I think you're crazy, but I still wish you the best!

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Stay blessed, man. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving and I hope the best for you and the family. Today is already pretty hectic at my house. Last-minute preparations always come up during the holidays. lol

Happy Thanksgiving day.

Have a nice day ahead

Happy Thanksgiving! No matter what you end up doing, I wish you a wonderful time doing it! I'm thankful for our amazing Hive Blockchain Ecosystem right along with you! 😁🙏💚✨🤙

happy thanksgiving

Thanks you!!!

and happy thanks giving for you too! i wish you have a great day in there ! enjoy!!

Happy Thanksgiving! And Turkey!!

Oh yeah.... happy #hive thanksgiving too and also for hive #community in the world.

Because hive have a hope