Due to huge downtime of steemit servers for the past 10 hours, all the bids came at the last minute along with the bid placed by @ppagoda. Thus his bidding round got a negative ROI of -57%. For proof, you should visit and check the upvotes and transfers of the round in which @ppagoda got an upvote on his post. If you still need to discuss with us regarding your issue, you can contact us on our discord channel and we will be happy to help you.

Bad Bot
No other Bid-Bots have this Problem. @therising have broken every Bid-Bots Protocol.
Greed, I would say. Trying to add All Time-Out with one Single 100 % Total Upvotes.
negative ROI of -57% ?? Eh !
I will not use nor Recommend Usage @therising
The Evidence are there !

No protocols are broken. First understand what protocol is, how the bid bots work and how the ROI is decided. Everytime when you get a positive ROI with our bot, then you are happy and one time a negative ROI comes and you are pissed. Bidding is not meant for guaranted profit. So first understand what you are doing. I would not recommend you to use @therising if you don't even know how you are using it.