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RE: Sharing 100% Bot Earnings with all our Delegators.

in #thankyou3 years ago

Can you please check your bot? I was just on it and the payout was not what it says - it came in quite a bit lower than it should have been. Also the bot is running too quickly to be at 100% - something is wrong. Thanks for looking.


Thanks for letting me know @fitinfun. Actually, the 144 minutes to 100% voting power is not exactly accurate. It fluctuates around that time. Sometimes, its a bit lower and other times its a bit higher. As of now, the bot shows around 2 hrs 25 minutes left for the next vote. Anywayz, thanks for using our service.

Do you have a way to look at the votes for the time i was on your bot? the tracker said I should have had a big profit but the actual vote was a big loss.

loss I send my steam dollars as much as 4.503 SBD power vote just 5.32 regret I send 4.503 and cooperate with @therising hope others do not ever send SBD to @therising not according to promise.