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'Pow-Wow Overview'

Thank you to everyone that showed up last night! Feel free to jump in and watch the video if you were unable to attend. It is pinned in the meeting room of our server on discord. Several things were mentioned and I'll touch lightly on them here and go into more detail farther down the post. Syndicates: what are they and who is involved right now. Sneaky-Ninja updates. Oh and yes, heavy discussion on ways to bring more attention and dedication to #thealliance


Thank you to all for being who you are and supporting this Allied family! Please join us on discord via that link down there if you haven't already. Our server there is getting very active and has been a great way to communicate with everyone. We've got some interesting bots over there now too, just fun hanging around!

Tap or click here to join our server.

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Almost to 100! Once we do reach maximum capacity, we will be syndicating other quality authors/vloggers/bloggers. Wanted to also say thank you everyone for being consistent and representing us well. This week there is only one new member being added this time around, so please check them out and become familiar with their posting personality

Present enlistees are:

@sharoonyasir - positive philosophical thinker

Existing members
  1. @enginewitty - Hip-hop artist, crytpo fanatic, curator
  2. @michaeldavid - inspirational/motivational blogger, thinktank, curator
  3. @goldenarms - comedic Steemit swimmer and 'stacker'
  4. @thequeendizzle - shock & awe poster - enthusiastic ray of sunshine
  5. @flexifriday - health expert, musician and food lover
  6. @christheaudioguy - music producer, crypto miner and fitness fanatic
  7. @beng05 - strong believer in the alliance & quality content
  8. @thedamus - comical 'stacker' & bitcoin advocate
  9. @phelimint - imaginative precious metals and coin collector
  10. @jrandolph - excellent photographer and 'stacker'
  11. @donatello - musician and proud father, owner of The Donatello Club
  12. @hardikv - fantastic musician and producer of Alif
  13. @tattoodjay - innovative photographer/artist & great teammate
  14. @raphavongal - Multi-faceted individual & musician
  15. @SirStacksAlot - Precious metals fanatic
  16. @fat-Elvis - humorous metals and crypto lover
  17. @progressivechef - 'foodie' runs the "Iron Chef of Steemit" contest
  18. @jznsamuel - strong Steemit supporter and very creative
  19. @saffisara - she is a jubilant personality, and a polite thoughtful person
  20. @joearnold - 'Melissa' is into holistic 'foods' & runs factoid series'
  21. @oscarps - nature and casual photography
  22. @fiftysixnorth - another fine addition to our photography entourage
  23. @gniksivart - gamer, father and photographer
  24. @vlemon - cryptocurrency analyst and entrepreneur
  25. @topkpop - karaoke contest regular and fantastic supporter
  26. @edthecanadian - proud father and fellow 'stacker'
  27. @bluelightbandit - connoisseur of the bang bang variety
  28. @avesa - has a lucid dreaming series coming out
  29. @healingherb - spiritual and very positive
  30. @rumplestiltskin - a magically poetic personality
  31. @bearone - artist and designer, bubbly personality
  32. @bluemist - critical thinker and engaging content creator
  33. @andyluy - cryptonomad aiming to land in Japan
  34. @grizzman - 'stacker' and bang bang enthusiast
  35. @investwarrior - curator, crypto-buff, and gambler
  36. @thomashblum - quality content creator and curator
  37. @mikeshuh - comical 'stacker' and gardener
  38. @shellyduncan - self-proclaimed 'travel junkie', wife of @cryptoandzen
  39. @cryptoandzen - yogi & crypto fan, husband of @shellyduncan
  40. @jamjamfood - a love to cook kind of fellow, crypto lover
  41. @enazwahsdarb - entrepreneur, trader and marketer
  42. @aldentan - dancer and genial cinema critic
  43. @reko - Strong Steem blockchain supporter
  44. @arcaneinfo - musician and great teammate
  45. @lykencrypto - God fearing believer and self-improver
  46. @suggeelson - fitness and travel maniac & web designer
  47. @starangel - very spiritual positive theorist
  48. @lpessin - running an interesting history series
  49. @johleen - another splendid photographer and engaging Steemian
  50. @ShadowsPub - one heck of a brilliant 'rambler'
  51. @maxmilan878 - VERY young Steemian, loves food and tech
  52. @vj1309 - Cryptocurrency Futurist with a lighter look at Life
  53. @arunava - Photographer and consistent Steemian
  54. @ew-and-patterns - Crytpo watchdog and trader
  55. @mikepm74 - Big sports fan and crypto lover
  56. @Ana-Maria - succesful mother and passionate Steempeep
  57. @annhoyblog - extremely undervalued and complete blogger
  58. @Steembusiness - business man with a strong crypto focus
  59. @vm2904 - nature loving blogger and photographer
  60. @ma1neevent - voice on msp-waves radio and photographer
  61. @leyargoz - photographer with an affinity to flora
  62. @sol25 - descriptive photographer from Venezuela
  63. @zeartul - The Dark Templar
  64. @buzzbeergeek - beer, beer, beer, a little crypto, and more beer
  65. @GuyFawkes4-20 - photography and free thinker
  66. @gohba.handcrafts - Pump builder and wood artisan
  67. @davidmendel - intriguing photographer
  68. @bmj - whiskey, wine & a little crypto time
  69. @dreamiely - poet and social butterfly
  70. @Detlev - multitalented networker and beer challenge author
  71. @velimir - motorcycle entusiast and author
  72. @InquiringTimes - journalist and MSP Waves contributor
  73. @marty-arts - artist and glass designer
  74. @dumar022 - WHY SO SERIOUS
  75. @orcheva - graphic designer and runner
  76. @princessmewmew - helpful Steempeep and 'foodie'
  77. @armshippie - survivalist and photographer
  78. @lyxng - positive writer, poet, and singer
  79. @joythewanderer - multilingual traveling Steempeep
  80. @pisolutionsmru - A 'Food for Thought' techie
  81. @txatxy - engaging photographer and Steemit fan
  82. @smike - motivational content provider
  83. @flauwy - designer and Steemit regular
  84. @stevenalexander - comedic traveler ready to call Steemit home
  85. @abh12345 - Asher is a huge Steemit fan and has experience here
  86. @pandamama - AirBnB host that loves pandas
  87. @dowithlove - giving out 'Dutch Lessons' to the Steemit world
  88. @roykie17 - helpful Steempeep and strong Alliance supporter
  89. @holbein81 - beer lover 'Living Above The Line'
  90. @theghost1980 - quality bilingual posting Steemit lover
  91. @ninahaskin - Extremely undervalued descriptive photographer
  92. @bleujay - artist and experienced Steempeep
  93. @nainaztengra - Loves yoga and into alternative medicines
  94. @kingbach - knows how to help you 'Find Happiness'

be sure to follow @killerwhale, @sneaky-ninja, & @bellyrub
our witnesses @zeartul & @suggeelson,
our support profile @thealliance, and the up and coming @steemitcomics!

Witnesses — Steemit.png

#thealliance Witnesses

@zeartul - 'The Dark Templar' is a unique witness that has 3 things putting him above and beyond most other witnesses. The voting bot @bellyrub is his pet, and probably gives you the best ROI of any bot out there. The @bellyrubbank he runs gives users the best APR for deposits on the entire Steemit platform. Those two alone should be enough to say he's providing extreme value to the blockchain, but let's throw in the fact that he HASN'T MISSED A SINGLE BLOCK in his efforts which puts him in an elite class of witnesses. He is currently ranked #78 and there are only 2 others ranked above him with this amount of stability in securing our STEEM production.

@zeartul #thealliance enginewitty .png

@suggeelson - He has just thrown his hat in the ring as a witness and #thealliance supports his efforts. He is a front-end developer that we expect great things to happen with. Always supportive and willing to take on a challenge, he also has a unique ability to write engaging posts about different health foods and their benefits. To see the kind of work he does, visit http://suggeelson.com and you can start to understand what he's going to be bringing to Steemit. He has already reached the top 100 at #92 and will continue to climb with the rest of us.


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We are being much more selective as to who we let into #thealliance as part of our goals are to bring value to the platform with quality posts. We're not saying that people can't go out and make it just fine without being a trainee, what we are saying, is that we are willing to help people **GET BETTER** and become **NOTICED STEEMIANS** in these oceans and waterways. Our 'trainee' program is proving to be a huge success as our new graduating allies are putting out some excellent 'work'! Being a trainee doesn't necessarily mean you don't have great content, some people may be put there to see about their consistency, others to follow their engagement with the community as a whole. Being an 'Ally' does not ONLY mean you have great content, it means that you are also a consistent Steempeep and support your allies.

Current Trainees Are:


#thealliance page break.png


#thealliance currently hosts three contests and supports several others. We have the daily cryptoguess contest, and two weekly ones, karaoke and the all new killerpix. We also support fellow allies' contests. @donatello has a dance contest, and @christheaudioguy does a resteem lottery. @buzzbeergeek supports & @detlev hosts the Beer Saturday contest. @mikepm74 did a meme challenge this week and has a writing contest. We have two ladies doing art contests, @topkpop and @marty-arts. Also, @johleen does a selfie photo contest on Sundays. @ana-maria hosts a writing contest. @vlemon does a weekly crypto lottery that's pretty interesting, and @pisolutionsmru also has a Steemit lottery. We also are supporters of the Open Mic contest which is the oldest music competition here on Steemit run by @luzcyfer with full support from @pfunk & are entering a full year in weekly contests. They also support our Karaoke Contest and we have several members that compete regularly in Open Mic. If there are any other contests members are doing, feel free to put the links and a brief description in the comments below.


This is big word, I know. LOL! The definition of a syndicate is: a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest. That common interest is #thealliance and our members. Each syndicate is like a branch of #thealliance. Another sub-group or pod of content creators that are under our watchful curation eye. The first three syndicates will be run by the following people and their servers will be set up soon. Alpha Syndicate leaders will be @topkpop and @saffisara. Beta Syndicate leaders will be @sol25 and @raphavongal as this will be a primarily Spanish speaking one. Gamma Syndicate leaders will be @tattoodjay and @edthecanadian. Their 'job' is the same as ours as core members, but they also have to run their syndicates with allied interest in mind. They will review new applicants just like we have been, and decide whether or not they are quality. Anyone can join their server once it is set up, but they'll be running it themselves. We will get with all of you later and go over the details :)


Due to some unforeseen malicious events, @sneaky-ninja will now be open to the public. This is in an effort to recuperate losses and he's just wicked cool so why keep him to ourselves?

Attention & Dedication

If you watch the video, you'll know everything that was said. The group is getting tighter, which is exactly what we want. The only suggestions I have that wasn't brought up, is giving your allies a boost. Say for example, the contests that are run. Cross-posting is a highly effective way to bring attention to each other's engagement with the Steemit community. Hit those comments. And resteeems? You can do all or none, that's personal preference, but my other suggestion is this: perhaps link a post or two that you liked from an ally, that was relevant or you just naturally enjoyed at the end of your post?

#thealliance page break.png

Recent Witness Posts

BellyRub Refunds - @zeartul
Witness Update - @suggeelson

Interesting posts in #thealliance the past few days -

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Top 5 MOST UNDERVALUED posts in #thealliance

"One Little Bite Won't Hurt" - @ninahaskin - value: $0.10
Smile - @lyxng - value: $0.64
My Sacred Place - @starangel - value: $0.21
Sunday Scents - @txatxy - value: $0.12
Roasted Peeps - @armshippie - value: $0.70

For those that are not aware and would like to participate in some of the other places

where we have a presence, feel free to boldly seek us out on our:

Making sure we're all on the same page! Remember...

just keep swimming...just keep swimming...

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[-]jadabug 33 · 1 minute ago
Sorry I missed this, took a few days off as on Friday we had an imminent domain meeting with the south florida water management district about them taking our land...fun fun! GRRR!

Fat chance...no giving back what they take...and they probably will be taking it. Will know for sure between Feb and April of next year! Just puts you in limbo...:/

Soooo...did they give it back?

Thanks for the update will watch the video later this evening to catch what I missed

General JJ of Gamma Syndicate has a nice ring to it and looking forward to working together with @edthecanadian to support thealliance and the syndicates


We know you'll do well :) @edthecanadian is quite an interesting fellow, you'll like him ;)

Yes from what I have seen I think we will get on great

Congratulations @sharoonyasir!!

Seems like a great person!

Happy to be a part of #thealliance! Thanks for featuring post!

Was a good one!

Missed this post yesterday, but glad I found it now. Hoping to find out more about the syndicates, but I think I have an understanding of what it is. Heading over to the meeting room to listen to the happenings now.

Your brainchild is growing steadily, excellent thing you are accomplishing.

Thanks for the feature! #thealliance is awesome :) and best wishes to the syndicates.

An amazing future ahead for us all :)

Dear @thealliance, I saw this tag on some of other steemians I know and found this movement. Looks like a great project. I would like to join if that's possible.

Saw that you have joined us on discord already, we will be reviewing your profile and get back to you over there. Thanks for stopping in!

Thanks, for the opportunity. Hope to hear from you soon.

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