Final Email Before Level 5 Erasure & Termination

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Final Email Before Level 5 Erasure

I'm writing you today with a sense of urgency I've never felt before.

We are facing Level 5 escalation, which is total erasure and termination. We have recevied dozens of threats so far from agents, who have now placed an ultimatum upon us: delete everything within 24 hours, or they will do it for us.

I've posted on my Twitter extensively about this. At this point, we are doing our best to save anything we have left.

Our plan is to now go to "plan B", and that is to go dark, go underground, and fight on the other side of this, after the Reset. We did our best, but the cabal does NOT want this information out.

The level of attacks, the intensity of agent activity, the shadow-banning, the censorship, the major accounts that have been deleted, we have documented all of this. CSRQ is real. They only allowed us to be online to data mine us, because we are the link to the whistle blowers. Now they've just had enough.

I know the vast majority of you are awake, and you support us. You know exactly what's going on. But we've also had infiltrators, who have done tremendous harm to us and continue to do so. Please, be aware of agent activity, be aware that they lie, manipulate, and post falsehoods constantly, relentlessly.

We've shied away from talking about our Sovereign program. We haven't discussed it much. We haven't talked about it much. That's because we knew we couldn't make everyone Sovereign, only a few. We didn't want to get people's hopes up. That would be cruel. But now I'm at a point that you need to hear the truth, and you need to realize how important it is and how urgent it is.

Not being Sovereign means the cabal will forcibly vaccinate you after the Reset. It means you will have no assets, no free speech, no freedom of movement or access to healthy food. We all know they want us eating bugs, and they mean business about it. We know they have military drones that are 20 years ahead of publicly known technology, they plan to use it!

We can't do this for everyone. We can't change everyone's account in CSRQ into Sovereign. We can't. There are huge risks involved, and the whistle blowers have to be careful. But we can change a few accounts. We need to do all we can to find the right people who can be a team with us after the Reset.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I beg of you, please read all of our materials we've posted on our website. If my website is removed, it is still on the Wayback Machine, which you can view here.

We need to keep lines of communication open. Here are critical ways you can still contact us if you want to be Sovereign:

[email protected] (may be removed, not reliable)

[email protected] (Michael's email)

[email protected] (back-up email)

You can write me directly on my social accounts:

My Telegram
My Gettr
My Twitter

Contact us through those means and we will work toward helping you.

This may be our FINAL email message. The agents are threatening to destroy our Wix site, too

Now here's some links to get you up to speed. Here's my last two Intel Drops, with a lot of good information, and our Sovereign list is always being updated (showing the Sovereign list is good to show to friends and new people, it will get them talking and paying attention, and they will want to learn more):

If you have Hotmail, MSN, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo or GMX, keep in mind, those providers are blocking my emails. I recommend getting a Protonmail account, it's incredibly easy to sign up and make an anonymous account. At least they aren't blocking us, yet.

I also want to reiterate a series of WARNINGS we've already issued over and over, but we need to again:

1) We do not know if the future one world currency will be called "USDR". It may be re-named to "SDR" or "XDR", or something else. It is not finalized yet. The whistle blowers have told us this, and we have stated this many times.

2) Not a single existing crypto coin has anything to do with CSRQ or the future reserve currency. The USDR in CSRQ is not accessible to the public or a public blockchain at all, nor would it make any sense for it to be at this time.

3) There is a site some of our followers are going to called This site has nothing to do with any of this. It is an older, apparently "dead" Ethereum project. There are thousands of them, and anyone can create a token such as that with the click of a button. Someone just went to that site and nearly lost their money, despite the fact we've posted warnings everywhere. They didn't read our materials carefully enough.

4) Another person was contacted by an agent using a fake "Gideon" profile. As we state in our FAQ (please read it), Gideon has no official social media accounts. If this person had read that, they would not have ended up harmed. Instead, they turned over information they should not have.

5) We will never, ever contact you first. Only agents will contact you first. If you see something from "Bill" or "Michael" or "Gideon" out of the blue, it's probably an agent. Block them immediately, and verify with our official accounts what you saw. We have caught agents creating dozens of fake profiles, click here to see.

6) Agents are posting lies about us everywhere. Constantly. Most of these agents are CHILD ABUSERS, SCAMMERS AND CRIMINALS. The cabal LOVES to HIRE bad people, to go online and PRETEND to be good people. Watch out!

This is why it is so important to actually read what we've posted. People are not reading our materials, and then they are going out and literally getting deceived by agents or making incredibly careless mistakes. Be careful!

Here's some links to bookmark and check up on each day:

Bill's Twitter
We Are Sovereign's Twitter
Survive The Reset Twitter
Bill's Gab
Bill's Gettr
Bill's Brighteon Social
Oculum Labs (lots of updates)
Our Telegram Announcements
Our Telegram Group

Our YouTube (share our two videos posted there with others)

One last comment on Telegram. Not everyone has Telegram. You have to use your phone and phone number to sign up for it, then you can connect it to the desktop version. If you want to bypass that and protect your identity, you can use a service called to pay $2.00 for a burner number. This can be used for Telegram or tons of other social accounts, it's very convenient.

Don't forget to read my security tips at the bottom of Intel Drop #8. Since we are already in the CSRQ system, there isn't much we can do to change our class, but we don't want to make things easier on the cabal if we don't have to. Using a few, good security steps can make things a little harder on the cabal.

Thank you for your support. We are indeed all Sovereign and the cabal will not win. We will fight until our last dying breath to defeat them.