Intel Drop #1 – CSRQ Tears The World Apart

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Saturday – July 16, 2022

Good evening everyone, it’s been an intense week. I’ve felt a sense I need
to get more and more information out, because people have a ton of
questions. You’ve seen about 10% of what we have, so it’s a lot for me to
get it out, we have a long way to go to get it all out.

Anyway. The past few days I’ve had some up to date conversations with
Gideon about what’s going on. Here are the exchanges he approved I can
share (a big thank you Michael for editing and cleaning this up for me):

Bill: How do you think we’re doing? I think we have 25,000 views on
Youtube and 2,000 people in the Telegram group in a few days.

Gideon: “My guys can see it and they’re glad their information is getting out.
We just know that if we plateau, it won’t make a dent or a difference. I said we
need 50 Million views across all the channels, I mean it, and that’s minimum.”

Bill: We had low level agents on us at the start. Then there was that break
you talked about, they were gone for a day, then returned. What do you
think happened there?

Gideon: “That’s the escalation. Level 1 to level 2, to put in simple terms. We’re
still at Level 2.”

Bill: What’s the difference between Level 1 and 2?

Gideon: “The Level 1 guys come into groups to post nonsense, derail, create
drama, try to attack and discredit. Their job is to muddle the group, turn new
members off, cause confusion. They’re good at it but easy to spot.

At Level 2, you have a better trained crew come in to develop better
relationships, gain trust, drop some seeds of doubt or misdirection, and steer

Bill: “We’re seeing that. We’re also seeing a lot of off-topic discussion, this
has to be them right?”

Gideon: “Most of the time it is. Not everyone is an agent. Remember, the
agent’s job is to blend in and not get caught, so they can sometimes appear to be very genuine, too.”

Bill: Well, DarkDayz has been a big help because I can’t always spot them
[DarkDayz used to be a Level 2 agent].

Gideon: “He’s done a great job.”

Bill: What happens at Level 3 and up?

Gideon: “This is where official shadow banning will be authorized. If you were
getting a steady flow of new people into the Telegram, that will stop. Views on
videos will stop or slow to nothing.”

Bill: How close are we to that?

Gideon: “Very close. Keep pushing grassroots efforts, that’s harder for them to
stop cold.”

Bill: Ok, how about your guys. Can you give me an update? How are they
doing? Did anything change upon the release of this, like new security

Gideon: “Yes, they increased security. It was a direct response to this. It’s not
bad. It just made their lives a little harder.”

Bill: How worried are their bosses about this leak?

Gideon: “Worried but they’re not going to shut down operations to stop it, yet.
They are fast-tracking this. They know the leakers have a high clearance, but
there are at least three hundred with those clearances. To stop their work,
investigate, it will bring all this to a halt. I think they’re choosing to de-
prioritize, and just go full steam ahead.

They don’t think my guys have the ‘goods’ in the way they could bring the
whole thing down. They think my guys probably have some video and proof,
but if it came out they would just nuke all of this. Instead of spending a lot of
time trying to find the leakers, they are just going to watch what you are doing
and nuke it later on.”

Bill: Why don’t they just nuke it now?

Gideon: “We’re not sure. They could be doing some data mining or analytics.
They may think we’ll screw up and they can find the leakers through us, so
they want to keep us around. They may want to keep the evidence trail in
place, they may hope we lead them to the leakers.”

Bill: So they just can’t find your guys?

Gideon: “They know my guys are very well trained. There will be no evidence.
They would have to investigate every person with a high level clearance
working on the software, across twenty fusion centres around the world. I’m
sure they’re doing some kind of investigation right now, but they know and I
know, it will move slowly.”

Bill: You mentioned data mining. I hope they’re not going to target our
people in our groups.

Gideon: “It doesn’t matter, Bill. Everyone in the groups is either Restricted or
Quarantined, they’re not even worried about them. They’re going to be looking
at analytics of Common classes who see this information, and also watch
Sovereigns in the alt media. Their focus isn’t our people, it’s outside of that. I
know how they work, Bill, we’re in an ok position right now.”

Bill: Ok, I’m glad to hear that. I sent you the list of names people want
looked up, what happened there?

Gideon: “My guys got it and they thought it was a pretty good list. It’s a matter
if they find a time they think is safe to look them up.”

Bill: We’ve talked about this, but if I’m putting this in a blog, can we go
over that again? I don’t think people know how this works, what your guys
are actually doing.

Gideon: “You mean in terms of looking accounts up?”

Bill: Yes, that and just the general parameters of their day to day
operations. I’m putting that in Part 3, but a lot of that is from months ago.
Maybe you can give us a status update on that, I mean what your guys are
doing job-wise each day?

Gideon: “Ok, of course. Over the past few months, their tasks and focus has
shifted. When they were brought in late last year, they had to go through a lot
of briefings and some training. They talked a ton about this reset, this scheme,
to push humanity into a corral like a bunch of cattle. This put my men on high
alert from the start, and it gave them a ton of information on the strategy that
was ahead. It was a blessing in disguise, all those boring briefings had a ton of
little details, which I’ve since communicated to you.”

Bill: Ok, so they started work last year, and before they start they learn all
about this new system, then what was their job and how did it evolve?

Gideon: “Stress-testing the software, all of its modules. They go in and act like
real hackers, try to break in from the outside. The real eye-openers for them
was seeing the class system.

Once they had done extensive stress testing for months, the priority shifted to
making sure all the modules can be accessed by low level bankers and
government employees when this goes live. The propensity for glitches seems
to be a problem, so they are working on that. It’s complex because you’re
dealing with the biggest data set in the world, imagine millions of hard drives
stacked on top of each other as high as the Empire State Building and then
processing all that data.”

Bill: We should give everyone a refresher on this. They can go in and
change classes. Of course they were successful months ago, they are still

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: What and when was the last account they changed?

Gideon: “It was for ******** on ** ** **.”

Bill: Ah, ok, pretty recent. That’s good. We know their contract goes into
2023, do they feel like they will be able to change accounts all the way to
the end of their contracts?

Gideon: “Yes, we’re not seeing a reason why not. They have the third highest
available clearance. There are supervisors above them, and then you get into
the area of who is running this entire thing, the head of the snake, so to speak.
Their job level requires that kind of clearance because they need to have
access to the entire software top to bottom to do their jobs.”

Bill: So when they go into do that change to a class, can you describe in
simple terms how that happens?

Gideon: “Yes. Ok, let’s just use a random example — let’s say the person’s
name is John. They search his name and date of birth. If he’s not found right
away, they need more information. Once they find him, they see a profile, a
life-profile. We see the system is designed to flag anyone with more
conspiratorial, anti-government sentiments. So, let’s say, he’s Class R.
Now they need to first delete his data and replace it. This is really important.
Deletion is two steps, first it’s deleted and moved to a repository, then from
there military-grade erasure takes place and it is not recoverable. Now John
has a new, fresh, clean slate. His old past is gone. He can’t be linked to it. But
now he stands out, because he has no history. So now we need to do
something about that, and give him a history.

They can’t just copy someone else and leave it at that, they have to copy
someone else and use some spoofing methods. The most important part of
spoofing is to change online handles, which can be done in the system easily.
Then change the wording of certain online posts.

Let’s say John’s new account is from someone named Gary, who is a
Democrat. Gary posted a lot on Facebook years ago in support of Barack
Obama. They will go in and use an AI spinner to change the wording of some
of Gary’s posts. It doesn’t need much to be changed at all. This takes a few
minutes and it’s done.

Now John, using Gary’s old data, looks like a new person with a history of
being more pro-government, pro-mainstream media. His account looks clean
and unique to him. He’s now automatically going to be Common or C class.
The next step is to change his designation to Sovereign or S.

This is easily done, but we have to pay attention to some things. There are
around 8 Million Sovereigns in the system, with openings for about 1 Million to
be added or upgraded from Common. This is why my guys aren’t running into
issues, because there are hundreds of other employees who have the job of
arranging, upgrading and changing classes. My men have administrative
power. So when they make a change, the system does not see a problem.
There are already dozens of lower level employees, who only have
authorization to do this, making changes all the time.”

Bill: This is really complex, but I’m glad you’re explain this so well. So you
have all these employees, and their only job is to change account classes?

Gideon: “They work in the same building. A different floor. They are busy with
quality control and a ton of other tasks. They are moving people into Class
Common, Restricted, Quarantined and Sovereign all the time.

My point is that changing classes isn’t unusual, it’s normal. Because of this, my
men found out changing an account was not difficult.

So my men go in, move John over from Restricted and into Common and then
into Sovereign. But it is not done. The Sovereign class has a lot of parameters.
It has roles for these special people. Most of them are already assigned to
their role in their current job today, they are media personalities, they are
government officials.

Now, if they put John into the role of a government official, this isn’t really
ideal for John, necessarily. The good thing is, they have a huge section for
‘retirees’ essentially, Sovereigns with no role. It’s about 600,000. We think these
Sovereigns are older and have already ‘served’ their time, but there are
younger ones in there, too. So our guys will just place John in the retiree role.
It’s not called that but what’s what it effectively is. Just like we did for you and
everyone else.”

Bill: This is incredibly complex. So — well, I know this, but others reading
this don’t — you can’t just have a Sovereign account without in-flows?

Gideon: “Not unless it has been given an ‘administrative clearance’. We have
only seen this on accounts for Trump, DeSantis and Alex Jones. We’re sure
there are more, those are just the only ones we have seen.

So this means they do not need to have in-flows. They are given a reprieve,
they can wait much longer, it could be a month, two months, we don’t know.
That is granted at the highest level, the absolute highest.”

Bill: Ah, ok, right. What level do you think? Presidential level? Leader of the
E.U. level?

Gideon: “We think it’s something like that. But we don’t think the U.S.
President or E.U. leader is that level. It would be someone in the background
who is leading this entire thing.”

Bill: Klaus?

Gideon: “No, not Klaus Schwab. He is not the one running it at the top. We
think it could be Putin.”

Bill: That makes no sense, Gideon.

Gideon: “If you look at the world at the surface level, you won’t know anything
or understand anything.”

Bill: Hmm. Ok. So, what we think we believe about Putin isn’t really the

Gideon: “Almost everything you think you know is what they decide they want
you to believe.”

Bill: I get it, I just sometimes don’t apply that to everything.

Gideon: “Cognitive biases. ‘All those guys over there are bad, but I sort of like
this guy, so he’s not bad or Sovereign.’”

Bill: Ah, I see. You’re right. We have to step back and remove our
emotions. So are you solid on this Putin theory?

Gideon: “No, I’m not. I wanted to make a point.”

Bill: Well, mission accomplished! My brain froze and didn’t know what to
say for a minute there!

Gideon: “Good, that’s the idea. You have to dislodge the innate biases within
you to objectively see the truth.”

Bill: Ok, back to these accounts. They’ve set aside a few accounts, where
the in-flows can come in later. Did you ever see anything coming into
these accounts? Because the last your guys checked was three months
ago, right?

Gideon: “That’s right. I don’t think they’ve checked since. It would be
interesting to find out if Trump or DeSantis got some in-flows, of course, but
that’s more up to them. You know I try to really only ask things of them that
are a high priority?”

Bill: I know. Do you think we over-extended with the requests of the
media personalities we just asked about?

Gideon: “No, it’s ok, because I really emphasized to them to only check on
those names if they completely feel comfortable doing so. I said do not
prioritize that over anything else.”

Bill: Good. It’s important but not that important.

Gideon: “Right, it’s not. We already looked at so many of these accounts
earlier in the year and we were seeing almost everyone was Sovereign, Bill. It
was almost every famous person we looked up! My guys got tired of it and
quickly realized they were taking some small, unneeded risks in looking people
up so they stopped.

It makes sense. Look at all these high profile people who pushed the vaccines.
They’re all Sovereigns. Then in the alternative media, they were against the
vaccines but always offered up some misdirection. Those are Sovereigns.”

Bill: Of course. The alt media is a joke, you’ve shown that to me. So what is
a good rule of thumb on this, in terms of making an educated guess on
who is Sovereign?

Gideon: “Based on all the data I know of, my guys bringing up these accounts,
anyone with a reasonably sized following is probably Sovereign. If they are
speaking about the Great Reset and still have a large following, I would
question how they can maintain that. I would assume they have script and
they are doing what is wanted of them, or they leave certain information out.
For example, Bill, they talk about the Great Reset but refuse to discuss CSRQ
or the class system.”

Bill: Right, they only go so far, but won’t go to certain things.

Gideon: “If they refuse to discuss CSRQ or what my men have revealed, then
they are Sovereign.”

Bill: I believe it. There’s no reason alt media types who claim to want the
truth to avoid this topic, solely this one. By the way, have your guys seen
people lose Sovereign status, or gain it, in real time?

Gideon: “This is what the team on the lower level is doing, constantly
evaluating classes. Because people are moving in and out of them. The system
is automatic, but needs human attention and software engineers to work out
bugs and issues.

Let’s say you have a Sovereign media personality, ok, no, let’s say they are a
music artist. They put out a rap song. The rap song makes some reference
about the vaccines, not in a good way. This is where the AI steps in, moves that
rapper into Common class. Then the rapper’s agents or representatives will
step in, inform them what happened, and this gets worked out. The references
to the vaccines might get removed from the song. The rapper is told, ‘You
overstepped.’ Sometimes it’s just a mistake.

This happens because this system is new. These Sovereigns were already part
of the ‘Illuminati’ if you want to call it that for, you know, years and years, they
were initiated. But this software is new, so they are all having to adjust a little
bit. They are scrutinized more. Most of them just make mistakes. So it’s a huge
project, Bill, this is thousands of employees working on this.”

Bill: We could talk all day about this. Let’s get back to Sovereign class. Your
guys were surprised to see all these in-flows, can you explain how and
why that’s happening?

Gideon: “It’s to drain capital out of the current system and it acts as an
accounting mechanism. They’re not just giving Sovereign accounts, after the
Reset happens, random amounts of USDR. The USDR is based on the
Sovereign person’s current wealth or status within this current paradigm or
system. It is also clearly serving as a way to collapse the system, through the
wealth drain. Capital is drained, debt is left behind. This will lead to a total
seizure of the world’s economy, as all of the real capital is moved out of it and
into USDR, behind the scenes.“

Bill: I wanted to ask, what’s the low end they’ve seen on these accounts
and the high end? We saw Tucker had $500 Million.

Gideon: “The lowest was $59,000 but it didn’t stay there long, because in-flows
were coming in. The highest we saw was into the Trillions.”
Bill: That’s because of the conversion rate, it hovers around 1:43.

Gideon: Yes.

Bill: Did your guys ever figure out why there is no monthly stipend for

Gideon: “We’re not sure except that it’s not needed, almost a redundancy they
didn’t bother with, because every Sovereign in our world now is already very
wealthy. There are no ‘poor’ Sovereigns. They are all converting their existing
assets at 1:43 ratio so they are going to be filthy rich after the Reset. We also
think there will be investment models available so they can grow their wealth,
which will in turn create a type of monthly income in that sense, like interest
from a bank deposit but better.”

Bill: Makes sense. For our purposes, we’re not Sovereigns, we’re being
changed into Sovereigns, so we’re less likely to be super rich like they are.
I guess it’s more a challenge for us.

Gideon: “It is, but with the conversion rate we feel comfortable. Something like
just $50,000 will get you very comfortable after the Reset. That would be $2.1
Million USDR with strong buying power. You will be ok. The Reset will happen,
the next day you login to your bank account there’s $2.1 Million USDR. You
have no vaccination requirement, or any other restrictions. You feel bad about
the situation but you also feel safe, relieved.”

Bill: For sure. I’m going for $5 Million but $2 million would still be enough.
By the way, I’m getting a lot of people wanting to have their class changed
to Sovereign. I’m not sure how to handle these requests, because I don’t
want to make promises we can’t keep. Did you ask your guys about this?

Gideon: “I did. They understood when this came out people would want that.
They said, and I agreed, that they want this to go viral and for this Reset plan
to be stopped. If they could hit a keystroke and stop it, they would. They can’t.
It’s a small miracle they can do what they do.

So for them you have different options. The first is to get this to the public and
reverse course, get them to stop or delay this enslavement plan. The second
course is to change people to Sovereign, which they did already for you, me,
others. I know for a fact, Bill, they won’t be able to do more than a handful of
people. They can’t do 100 accounts, it’s far too risky.”

Bill: What do I tell people?

Gideon: “Don’t make any promises. Focus on us working to just destroy this in
the first place. Let’s live in a world where we don’t have to worry what class we

Bill: I agree. But what about all the money we put in to get this USDR? We
would lose that, because we destroyed it before it ever launched.

Gideon: “I’m perfectly ok with that. We would save the world, and lose some
money in the process.”

Bill: I’m also ok with it. Being Sovereign is an insurance plan and also a
back-up plan to sabotage them if we can’t stop it.

Gideon: “Precisely.”

Bill: Sometimes I feel great, like we can do this and stop this, then realize
we’re just a few thousand now in the Telegram compared to Billions of
people who are asleep.

Gideon: “And that’s why we have this back up plan. If they escalate us to Level
3 or 4, if they shadow-ban, if they do worse, my guys do want to bring in more
for the Sovereign class. We could get deleted completely, so if you make
contact with people that’s who we will bring into this. We would shift our focus
to that, but we have to give this a chance first.”

Bill: We have to. But if we can’t, what’s our plan on the other side of this?
Once the Reset happens?

Gideon: “We have to have the right people who we made Sovereign work with
us and sabotage it from the inside. It’s going to be up to us to save the world.
To save all our friends, all of our brothers and sisters who share our beliefs,
who will be Quarantined or Restricted. I don’t want to think about the
outcome for them.”

Bill: If I didn’t get changed to Sovereign, I’d be Quarantined and I’m looking
at everything I have being taken, all my property gone, getting fined,
getting visits by the cops, then drones, we know the outcome. I’d have a
month before they would knock me out with a drone and vaccinate me.

Gideon: “You would have no chance. None of us would. If you could get deep
into the woods and live like an absolute mountain man, you give yourself
maybe a few months before the drones find you, maybe a year.”

Bill: But then it doesn’t even matter if you’re Common. The vaccine is

Gideon: “It is. There is no way out of what they will do.”

Bill: Then our friends and family turn on us because our bad scores are
bringing theirs down.

Gideon: “You will see families and friends tear each other apart in a matter of
days or hours because of the social credit system. They want to pit people
against each other. They want this, Bill.”

Bill: Should I make a notice or special email about this Sovereign issue?

Gideon: “No. If they can’t figure out how to contact you and make themselves
known, then we don’t need them. We need the smartest and best of the best, if
it comes to that. Don’t hold people’s hands. Now I’m going to ask you a
question for once. Do you think you have some good candidates for Sovereign
who contacted you?”

Bill: I do, actually. I don’t want to let them down, either.

Gideon: “Ok. That’s good. I expected that. I knew we would find some needles
in the haystack. Keep them on stand by, but focus on the main goal. We have
to stop this before it even happens. This world is going to be hell. Even if we
are Sovereign, we will have to watch our friends and family be destroyed, be
force vaccinated, if they didn’t make it in with us. Can you imagine?”

Bill: I wouldn’t want to live seeing that. It’s the most painful thing I can
think of. If I had younger children and for some reason I couldn’t make
them Sovereign, I don’t know how I could live with that. I couldn’t.

Gideon: “Let’s do all we an to prevent this. Everything. If we had some alt
media people who weren’t corrupt, it would be easier. Let’s find them.”

Bill: I’m trying, I am. By the way, why did they move up the time table?
Why now?

Gideon: “A lot of reasons. But at the top, some of them are getting very old.
They want to see this in their lifetimes. They know they now have the
technology to do it, they just bumped it along a bit. This was coming between
2025 and 2030 regardless. Now it’s coming quickly.”



This reads like a spy novel. I never got into the 'Q' idea, but to think that there are good guys fighting the bad guys from within seems very reasonable. After all, there are bad guys fighting good guys from within. I always wondered if COVID-19 Omicron was engineered as an inoculation against the Delta variant, and there is speculative evidence of that.

And did a new world currency just get announced by China and Russia?

go read my website, that's all we have. it's a miracle we have anything. the whistle blowers are still working and active. i cant believe people don't get that. they're not in a safe house or protected. they could get killed.

~ Bill Sweet

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