Intel Drop #7 – Update On The CSRQ Whistle Blowers

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Wednesday – July 27, 2022

In today’s intel drop, we are going to first go over some of the incredible confirmations that are coming in, showing everything we are reporting is true.

We can’t even keep up with all of it, so we’ll just cover a sample of the news.

Australia has now removed the Dollar symbol ($) on official documents and replaced it with a placeholder. You can view that in this Telegram video here. They are preparing for a new one world digital currency that will have a new symbol.

What looked like a win for humanity in Sri Lanka, after their president was kicked out of the country, has turned out to be a win for the WEF. They have installed own of their own to rule, and they are now making people use QR codes linked to their identity to get gas. As suspected, Sri Lanka was just a “test” run for what’s coming for the rest of us.

Something else that backs up our own reporting also came to light. An excellent undercover video has been posted that is required viewing for anyone who is supporting us.

The video shows child predator and Q Anon leader Phil Godlewski talking to his team of agents. He openly discusses that they are agents, calls them agents, and their job is to lie and manipulate. Everything Gideon ever said about agents is confirmed here. Watch it. It is chilling, and will give you an inside look on how these operations work.

To learn more about agents, I posted this article, “How To Spot An Agent – Common Tactics & Strategies.”

We are seeing mass censorship against what we are doing. @conspiracyb0t’s huge Twitter account (over 500k followers) was wrongly suspended the second he shared a link to us.


We ask everyone to use caution. It may be better to write the link as “www . oculumlabs . com” so no hyperlink is detected by Twitter, or use an image like this one to tweet.

For anyone who wants to help us out, a supporter added some memes to our Telegram, which can also be viewed here, here, here and here (they open in a new window). This info-graphic was also added, a professional and helpful visual aid.

It may also be helpful to introduce friends to our information through third party sources. Here’s a list of alternative media sources that have covered our information that you can share:

Now we’ll begin today’s discussion with Gideon.

You may want to calm your mind, grab a coffee and prepare yourself mentally, as always. Gideon can be intense, but he is always illuminating and informative. (If you have trouble reading a black screen with white lettering, try turning down your screen brightness.)

Some of what is below has been curated and drawn from conversations over the past few weeks. And as always, thank you to Michael for helping edit and clean this up.

Bill: We haven’t talked a lot about your guys, not in the detail that I know we can. I was wondering if you’re ready to reveal anything more?

Gideon: “Protecting them comes first. That’s always been my first priority above all else, so yes, I guess it’s true, we haven’t gone into a lot of detail.”

Bill: I know you can’t give out anything that would identify them. Can you talk about, in general terms, their day to day and what it’s like working on this?

Gideon: “Yes, but let me preface all of this. People need to realize they are in an active position. They are not guys who worked on something, then got out of it, found a safe place to hide, and years later blew the whistle.

History is not kind to whistle blowers of any stripe. They are treated poorly. In many cases, we never hear from them because they are killed. In other cases, they are attacked, discredited and their careers destroyed. Or they are imprisoned. Chelsea Manning, Gary Webb, Susan Lindauer all come to mind, all railroaded for exposing U.S. government corruption.

So being a whistle blower is not a fun thing. It’s not easy. It puts you under intense pressure. If you’re found out, you’re either dead or going to prison, or you’re going to be maligned in the media, or in some cases your information is immediately buried, memory-holed, erased by the cabal, never sees the light of day. People need to realize that.”

Bill: I agree, they do. We’ve had some people demanding more evidence, demanding this and that. But these guys are actively going to work in a secure facility. I tell people we are lucky to have anything to work with!

Gideon: “We are lucky. We’re lucky they can get the screenshots out. They can’t get much else out.”

Bill: Can you explain the security? Because all the employees go through it, so I don’t think that would expose them.

Gideon: “It’s safe for me to talk about some of it. When they go in for work, there is a search, there are body scans. All devices are checked. Same when they go out. It takes thirty minutes each way. If you leave during a shift change, you’re waiting a long time. For that reason, almost everyone’s shift is staggered, because the security process is so lengthy. Getting anything in or out is near impossible.”

Bill: How did they get the screenshots out?

Gideon: “They found a way. It’s very out of the box.”

Bill: I’m thinking it has to do with how you store data. Definitely no USB drives or anything like that.

Gideon: “No, no USB drives. It’s an advanced technique. There’s data limits to it. A photo they can do, small files they can do. Getting a video or a large file size out would be extremely difficult, maybe impossible. All data is just 1s and 0s when it boils down to it, but those 1s and 0s add up fast.”

Bill: I’m playing along here, since you’ve told me. It’s clever as hell how they do it. I hope someday they get to tell their story.

Gideon: “To me, they are heroes. Someday their story will be told in the way it deserves to be told.”

Bill: Once they’re inside and working, what might that be like. Is the work environment comfortable or not? Are they being closely watched?

Gideon: “I’m going to speak in general terms. There’s twenty or so fusion centres working on this. Imagine a nondescript office building. Imagine a floor full of cubicles and computer stations. Flat screens all over. It’s generally quiet. There’s a lot of typing. Everyone has a role and a task, and specific goals and expectations.

Since these are professionals, they don’t have obnoxious bosses breathing down their necks. It’s nothing like that. It’s fairly autonomous. You go in, do your work, report what you’ve done, and leave. Security inside isn’t oppressive at all.

In terms of their access to the software, there are programs monitoring them but you have to remember, they also have administrative powers. They are high-level employees, and they have full access to CSRQ. They can change anything within it, but if they made drastic changes, it would be flagged immediately, so they don’t do that.”

Bill: Usually something like this would have a lot of people in various positions, with team leaders. Is it like that?

Gideon: “To some degree. It’s a government project. It’s not corporate-oriented. They don’t have creative brainstorming sessions, or a need to appeal to the public. There is a creative department, but it’s not involved at all with what my guys do. It’s actually totally separate. They will see updates to the software, though, visual updates. That’s all uploaded remotely from some other team.”

Bill: I had one guy say the software looked fake. I never thought that, so I thought it was an odd reaction to the screenshots.

Gideon: “Hmm, ok. I have an exercise for you. I want you to get on a search engine and search for a random banking app, and then take a screenshot of it. The first thing you see or find. Don’t try to find one or another, just whatever you see first.”

Bill: Ok, hold on. I’m going to scroll through Twitter, I see bank ads on it all the time. Will that work?

Gideon: “Sure, of course.”

Bill: Got it. First one I saw. Here it is.


Gideon: “You know what an agent would call that if you told them that was CSRQ? I mean the right side, the phone, if you just showed them that screen.”

Bill: They would say it’s fake.

Gideon: “That’s because according to an agent, everything is fake that isn’t approved by the cabal. You could pull up your banking app on your phone and show it to an agent, and they would say, ‘That’s fake.’ You will lose your mind talking to these morons. They’re like A.I. bots. No semblance of human logic, reason or intelligence at all.

I wanted you to do that exercise, too, just to see how most banking apps look like today. They have very simple, clean interfaces. The CSRQ front-end will look similar, just as the back-end is user friendly.”

Bill: Very true, these apps all kind of look the same now, so to me the screenshots of CSRQ look normal.

Gideon: “They are normal. What are you seeing is real. Real accounts, real data. You also saw what happened with David Wilcock’s account, being changed like that.”

Bill: That was wild, to see how they did that. In real time. To see them react to what we are doing.

Gideon: “We are being watched very, very closely.”

Bill: So has there been any hint at all that your guys have been found out? Or they are being looked at?

Gideon: “There’s no hint of it yet but we know it could all be over for them tomorrow, too.

When we planned this, we put everything in place to protect them, do everything by the book, in terms of security. So the line of communication and contact between me and them is encrypted and there are no leaks, no way to intercept that data.

But that doesn’t mean my guys aren’t scared everyday, scared they will be found out. They are scared. They’re terrified. I would be, you would be, anyone would be.”

Bill: The cabal knows someone is leaking. Someone said to me, why not just fire everyone and re-hire new people?

Gideon: “That’s not logistically feasible, unless they wanted to delay this project by years. Everyone working on this, even lower level people, have very stringent security clearances that are not easy to obtain. So you fire those people, then what?”

Bill: The cabal can live with this, in other words. They can accept the leak, because finishing this is more important. Are they worried your guys might sabotage it?

Gideon: “No, because my guys know it’s not worth it. They know my guys know that. Not only would they get caught, the damage they could do is minimal. There’s way too many redundancies in place. My guys are way more useful as they are right now. Just working, doing their jobs, and working within the system to leak information.“

Bill: Someone asked me why more people working on this don’t blow the whistle. Why don’t they come forward?

Gideon: “Why would they, Bill? First, they would put their lives at extreme risk. Second, they risk losing Common or potential Sovereign status. You have to realize, by doing a good job on this software, they are raising their social credit score substantially. They will see benefits on the other side of the Reset.

Most have also been screened, in terms of personality and political background. My guys are in Europe. Most of these people think all this is good! They don’t care or think it’s bad. My guys are a very rare exception to the rule here.

I’m sure there’s a few, out of the thousands, who might not like it, but they’re not going to risk it all, for what? To be ignored, ridiculed, attacked, killed, imprisoned?”

Bill: I agree, it’s a huge risk and takes a lot of courage. Where do you think we stand on escalation?

Gideon: “We are at Level 3, which entails better-trained agents infiltrating your activities, heavy monitoring of your activities, data mining and shadow-banning.

At Level 4, we will see much more intense shadow-banning, as well as some campaigns will be launched to discredit us. I’m already seeing this is in the works.

At Level 5, that is full data erasure, and you and I will be criminally pursued, or worse. They may also re-launch copies of your sites and accounts, and pretend to be you. This is something they rarely do, but it has been done. The public has no clue who they are following is not the person they once trusted.”

Bill: That’s another layer we might want to explore, this copying. Maybe in the future. I want to know more about that.

Gideon: “People think the person they are talking to is the person they were talking to yesterday. That isn’t always the case. The cabal can go into the back-end of most social media companies and change things on the fly, and take over accounts. It’s happened in the Q Anon movements, I know that for sure. Millions of Q Anon followers have no clue.”

Bill: I don’t think they have much of a clue of anything.

Gideon: “No, they don’t.”

Bill: Have your guys seen anything strange or new you think we should know about, like something that’s happened the past few weeks? Is the work environment the same, or more stressful?

Gideon: “Yes. I think that’s something we should keep private for now.”

Bill: Ok. Is it bad?

Gideon: “They saw some things that worried them.”

Bill: Is it the USDR? Are the Sovereigns moving more fiat into their accounts?

Gideon: “I think we should hold off on it. It’s because we [Gideon asked this be redacted.]“

Bill: Ok, we’ll discuss it then. So how much time do we have? How worried do we need to be?

Gideon: “Any time I think we have time, I realize we have less time than I thought. It’s months. It could be this Winter. The whole world could spin out of control any second now.”

Bill: What can people do?

Gideon: “They need to do all they can to get the word out about CSRQ, and as a back up plan, email you. Make contact. Open the lines of communication.

They need to not let all the information out there overwhelm them. They need to stay focused. They need to clear out bad info being pushed by the gatekeepers and stop following them. They need to find and stick with a strong online community and build relationships in them. They need to take time for their families. If there was a time to pray, it is now.”




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