The Symbolism Of Life

in #theinkwell2 years ago


We live in a real but imperfect world. Sometimes we are so hopeful of others. We expect too much in return. However, situations are not always in our favor. We end up with regrets and frustrations.

We can never stop disappointments. We can never control failures. We can never manipulate other's perception.


It is what it is. The way others see us as a person, gives a big impact on how we also see ourselves. We do everything to adapt, to get attention and be accepted. Yes, our happiness can be seen outside but deep down the heart is aching.


We see how our differences affect us and other people. Absence of love isn't hate, but apathy. It is when you no longer care and do not show any concern for others. Relationships are ruined because of selfishness. Pride results to division. When you are blinded by your worldly emotions, negativity becomes dominant and God's presence is left unnoticed.


God was with us even before we existed. He Who creates, He Who fixes. He fills the gaps. Connects what is loose. Makes the broken whole again. He restores and renews. The power that only God can do. Who we were and what we have done will never limit Him from loving us. So why seek acceptance when it has already been given thousand years ago?


Our imperfect being shouldn't be the basis of who we really are. There is only One who can satisfy. We have God Who does not only forgive but extends a love that is so radical.

Be bless,