What Should I Stream On Theta

in #theta10 months ago

After a few months of waiting, I got my stream key to start streaming on Theta. I'm really excited to do it, but I'm not sure what I'm going to stream.

I could do gaming from the angle of a dad who loses to his son in just about every game.

I could do old school gaming and show my skills at Zelda and Mario Bros.

I could do just a talk show, and have guests maybe, but what would I talk about... Crypto... Books... Marketing... I don't know.

So here is your chance... help me out. What should I start streaming on Theta.tv? Here is a logo I made, just messing around. Let me know what you think!

_Abstract Triangle Logo Template.png


All of those are really good ideas. I initially would stream games - but because Theta is associated with cryptocurrency you may have a bigger demographic there that would be interested in crypto related topics. So a talk show/crypto channel wouldn't be a bad idea.

That is not a bad idea at all. Maybe play games and talk crypto. lol
Thanks man. I'll let you know when I get rolling.

Cool - good luck!