The Tear Test 2

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We recently lost our lead animator. The pandemic has crushed the film industry. 98% of all production disappeared, and with it, post-production. So, during our lockdown, I dedicated myself to working out my vision for The Tear myself using Adobe and Red Giant.


Be kind, this is my first simulation using #trapcode Particular and Form. Or maybe it was Mir. Good grief. There are a lot of tests. I forget now. 😅 In any case, it was a good idea to expand my skillset at least. Maybe I can charge an extra $15 a day if the economy doesn't evaporate.

I know it doesn't look like it now, but these tests to get better. My goal is to be open with my process. I know I've been pretty silent. I've got a lot going on all at once and I've been learning and getting better at this new craft. I love the Red Giant suite and I've learned a lot about the craft and pain of creating within this medium. It's extremely tedious, at least for me.

I also have a new respect for After Effects. I used to avoid it like the plague, I even made a video about it, but I'm discovering a new set of powers that was always at my finger tips, reminding me of the power of we all possess, even when a pitiless, cosmic maw is bearing down on your planet and your very soul. ⁠

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If you want to know who I am and what Distant Signal is, check this out. It's sort of a manifesto. The TL;DR is that I've won an award for producing, make a lot of reality TV, live in LA and think that artist and media incentives are misaligned and serve large corporations and not independent artists.

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