Figuring out how to make a game "again"

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okay well the title explains what i'm doing sort-of but i am going to explain it anyways. that context was useless... anyways! new beginning.. what am i doing with my life? i could be doing something productive like.... i don't know.. well i'm back after my 18 day long inspirational vacation. "didn't actually take a vacation." but that's not the point this post is about a new game. which i don't know what is yet.
BrainFart.png this is my brain right now. lol "how do i draw?"
this post is very different and if you like the style let me know if you don't also let me know.
I GOT IT! a perfect game. it is about a magic ball! Joking again that's taken.. i actually have no idea.
image.png okay 2D or 3D.
Screenshot 162.png
3D it is i cycled through 2D and 3D for a while but i'm going to stick with 3D for a bit until my project gets corrupted and i commit explosion. okay but now i need a game idea and a name.

well that didn't work. "i didn't actually intend for someone to help with that part lol" anyways i think i'm gonna yoink my last posts idea and make it 3D yup that's what i'm doing wait a minute i never did that post.... okay its a sphere it eats things gets bigger gets ability's gets new looks i hate it. ok think of something else. i give up i will think of something but this post is ending. i just realised this post is useless. make sure you go join the terminal.


In gym we use the pain in positive way.
The more you pain the more you gain 🤣

hahahaha thats alotta gain 😆

Well my computer is broke so i cant post anythibg for a bit .

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