65! How did that happen?

I wanted to post today to #thoughtfuldailypost tag that was started by @wesphilbin


Tomorrow is my birthday. I love that the universe celebrates it every year with shooting stars.
The Perseid meteor shower is already underway, but it will reach its peak from Sunday, Aug. 11 through Tuesday, Aug. 13. The full moon might dim them down this year, but it will still be worth remembering to look up! #lookingup

My kids and grandkids are arriving this morning and have a party planned to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. They have invited 30 people and have hired caterers to bring the food!


It is odd to think about turning 65 years old, when I really don't feel that old at all...at least while I am sitting in my comfy chair!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and remember to watch for meteors!

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Happy Belated Birthday! My mom's 84th birthday was August 10th! What a great month for a birthday! My husband, MIL and a niece also all have birthdays in August! I know the party was wonderful!

My youngest granddaughter also has a birthday few days after mine. The rest of the family has winter birthdays so our shared birthday week gives us a connection I don't have with anyone else in the family!

Wish you a very Happy Birthday @melinda010100! I'm really happy that I found you as your contests and photos motivated me to be creative.
Happy Birthday for your granddaughter! Have a wonderful day with your family, enjoy.
Stay forever young in your hart and keep spreading the optimism. Live like a lion. :)

Thanks so much, Zori! I really appreciate your good wishes.
Your creativity is an inspiration to me.
My granddaughter is turning 13 this year. A teenager!

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Thank you! 😘

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That's fun to know! Thanks, @arcange!


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Not sure I'll be online tomorow so.... HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!!! 🥂🍷🍸🍹🌷🌼🌻🌺🌹💐🎉🎈✨🎇🎆😘

Thanks so much! Hope you are planning to spend the day doing something fun, too!

Already back 😂
We went to a street-art festival today so... expect to see some pictures in the coming days 😉

Oh! That sounds like a great way to spend the day!

Happy Birthday, Melinda. You are a star yourself:)

Oh! I do miss you. Thank you, my dear friend!

Thank you, Melinda. Just on hiatus from posting. I'll be back as Arnie says:)

Hope your writing is going well!

Happy belated Birthday my beloved friend !! <3


Everyone here wants to wish you the sweetest, the greatest, the fabulous-est ! ^_^

bonne journee.png
bouncing day small.gif

You do the best celebration comments! Thank you so very much!

🌠 Happy Birthday 💕 @melinda010100!! ❤ And many more!❣ :-)
My goodness those flowers are so beautiful!

Thanks so much, dear @shasta!

Wow has a year gone by already? It only seems like a few months ago that I was hunting the Perseid's.

Have a great birthday Mel with the family. 65? Just a number!


Thanks so much, my dear friend! Seems the years go by faster and faster!

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Happy birthday, Melinda! My husband's birthday is tomorrow too. We often go out to look at the meteor shower on his birthday. Have a wonderful day with your family tomorrow!

Thanks! It's a good day for a birthday!

Happy Birthday Melinda ..🎈🎈🎈🎈
Family and friends the best special gift of all 💕. and catered too😋..!! tomorrow is going to be yummy day.
Happy Birthday 😊

Thank you! The catering thing is a first, but was all planned by my son and daughter-in-law. All my parties are usually pot luck!

Happy birthday for tomorrow @melida010100 and enjoy with family !!

Thank you! The entire weekend is looking like a party!

Enjoy with family wishing you all the best for today !!

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a beautiful day and can't wait to see the pictures. Very nice photos.

Thanks so much! I'm sure there will be pictures!


Thanks so much!

I’m sure you will be busy tomorrow, so let me wish you a happy birthday a day early. I hope you have a most enjoyable day that is only the first of many on the journey to 66. !tip

Thanks so much for the good wishes and a birthday tip, too! I hope it's a great year for all of us!

You’re very welcome, and amen to that!

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Wish you have a wonderful day tomorrow with your family that love you so much :) You must be a special woman where everybody around you gives such a special attention and loves ;) ;) Stargazing always wonderful right!

Thanks for your kind words and good wishes! It is fun to be surrounded by family and friends!

Happy Birthday Melinda! ❤
Have a great day with lots of fun!😀

Thank you! It is a going to be a great weekend!

Happy birthday, hope you have a lovely day. 🎂🎈

Thanks so much, Karen!

Happy Birthday, Melinda! I'm about 5 months behind you...

Thanks, Keith. I think I did remember that we are the same age!

It makes me immensely happy that you will celebrate your birthday with your family and friends. And I ask the universe to give you many more years of life. Because you are an extraordinary woman and I thank you every day that you are my friend. I hope to see many photos of tomorrow

Thanks so much, my dear friend! I'm sure there will be lots of pictures!

I will be very happy to see all the photos. I have a little present for you! Too bad I can't give it to you, but I do it with so much love❤

You are so sweet! The kids have been busy cooking and putting up decorations all day!

It's great that kids are doing so many things to celebrate your life. I would love to be there to help!

I wish you were here, too!

I think it was yesterday or today, I don't remember. That my mother told me that she only wants one thing to be able to travel to the USA and meet you and I told her what I would do if she does not know how to speak English and told me that it would only be enough for she to hug you so that you know how much she is grateful to you

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Have a happy day :-)

Thanks, Mike!

Howdy Melinda! I sure can relate! I've been out in the heat working my tail off all summer just like I always have except I shorten the work day. I blame that on steemit though, not my age! I still haven't used a Senior Citizen discount yet, that just doesn't sound right, that's for old people!

I'm so glad the family is coming over, that sounds like quite the party!

Hahaha! It must be Steemit's fault! Today was wonderful!

Are you doing a post about it?

I will, once I get all the photos together!

Congratulations! You made it to another year! Wishing you a Happy 65th Birthday and many happy returns of the day. @Melinda We never feel our age. Sometimes, we feel younger, sometimes we feel older. ☺️

Thank you! That is so true!

Happy birthday! Age is just a number 😉. Have a great day tomorrow!

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Thanks! It was a lovely day. I'm exhausted!

Happy birthday i wish you are smiling as a shooting stars flower.

Happy birthday i
Wish you are smiling as a
Shooting stars flower.

                 - kamrunnahar

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks so much for your sweet wishes!

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and I hope your having fun with family, and as someone said to me the other day your only as old as you feel :)

It was a great day! So much fun. I appreciate your kind words!

Thats great :) I am not so far behind you my Next birthday I hit 60

Then you will get to make 60 birthday wishes!

I try and avoid my birthday if I can I always have, I do love celebrating other peoples birthdays more than mine I hate being the focus of attention for anything

This party was certainly not my idea! I would have been happy ignoring it completely, but I did have fun.

Yes sometimes it more for others and we have to grin and bare it for our family and friend s;)

Happy birthday my friend i hope you had a wonderful time with your family and that they spoiled you in every way wishing you all the best of everything :)

Thanks! They did make me feel like I was Queen for the day! I had so much fun!

Your welcome and good to hear you had a wonderful time :)

Wow, sounds like quite the birthday plans! Happy BD!

It's a little disappointing that the meteor shower lined up with the full moon this year, but they should still be visible... ish. I was considering getting up at 3 AM after moonset on the besrt night, but I don't know if that'll happen. Plus, the last time I took photos of the meteor shower, someone called the police on me and they ruined a ten-minute long exposure by leaving their headlights on, pointed right at the camera.

No way! You and that camera are such trouble makers! Lots of clouds here tonight, but maybe I will still get a chance to see some.

I hope you're having an amazing celebration @melinda010100, and may all your birthday wishes come true!

melinda happy birthday.gif

Someone told me that I get 65 wishes! That makes getting old much more almost worth it! 🧓

happy birthday melinda010100.jpg

Best birthday shadow ever! Thank you, my friend!



Thanks so much, my dear friend! I appreciate you so much!


You move a lot of Steemians and I am one of them!!! I missed you and your contest, but now am trying to catch up after a long vacay.So relax and enjoy your day!!!

Thank you! I have missed you and will be so glad to have you back!

Thank you dear Melinda.... have a nice celebration!


Congratulations and many blessings Meli, enjoy it with your loved ones, as long as you have that wonderful spirit you are young lol

Thank you so much Marle! I really don't feel that old... Most days!


Oh heavens, I missed it... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I hope you had a wonderful day... I saw you mention kids, and grand kids, so I am betting it was truly a wonderful day. Beautiful photograph's also... I do so appreciate your friendship and support on my #tdp movement... means a lot especially coming from another Warrior... have a wonderful day today! !tip


You are so sweet! Thanks, my friend!

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Oh! Dear Melinda, @melinda010100 !
So you were born in the constellation Leo too!

I as a lioness from the entire souls I congratulate you
with Such a momentous event!

I wish you all earthly blessings and fulfillment of your most cherished desires!


I love Leo's! ❤️❤️

I have just read this post Melinda and although I am rather late I'd like to send you belated birthday wishes. Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned and I hope you enjoyed every moment of it with your family and friends. 🎁 🍷 🎂

Thanks so much, my friend! It was a wonderful weekend!

Happy late birthday :)

Thanks! Maybe it's because I am a Leo, but I really don't mind celebrating my birthday all month!

Great idea! :)