Friday thoughts and meandering rambles by D.Buzz : 280 character Buzz, lets think...

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Friday thoughts and meandering rambles by D.Buzz : 280 character Buzz, lets think...


We thought it might be fun to, "have a think" on Fridays about stuff and things one might be contemplative about.

Introducing Friday thoughts by D.Buzz. Meandering rambles and thoughts on things.

Today we think and muse about the 280 characters in a Buzz.

Let's think on it:

Our platform allows 280 characters; this is, of course, the "Buzz" that you post. But how does one compose the ideal message in such a short form? What are some points to keep in mind? What does 280 mean?

Assuming that one letter words are indeed a word and based off pretty much only the English alphabet, and without numbers... With these thoughts in mind, there are approximately 26^{280} potential combinations of letters and words that fit into 280 characters. That is a lot of ways to express yourself.

If this is a lot of ways to express oneself, perhaps it's best to condense?
An excellent way to condense one's thoughts is to think in terms of a poem. Your Buzz is a little poem.

Your Buzz, is a poem that is a condensed form of your overall thoughts boiled down to the essential message.

An excellent form of a poem that does this well is haiku. Take a look at this article to learn more about haiku's ( ).

A haiku about this post:

Morning coffee now
Is tan like the autumn leaves
I write my blog post

280, however, seems like it may be magical?

After some research, it turns out that 280 is also something known as an angel number... WTF? Angel number 280 means "That you will begin to encourage positive qualities in life"...

In Hebrew, it turns out that 280 means "a riddle" or so I think...
If this is true, I can see many 280 character posts being quite the riddle to decipher. lol

Also, just for some fun barroom trivia and consequently, Year 280 (CCLXXX) was a leap year starting on Thursday in the Julian calendar.


Two hundred eighty characters, an endless amount of possible things to express, blessed by angels, and set to be a riddle that starts on Thursday.

This is what I think.

  • What about you?

If you have any thoughts about the above, please post them below.
Consequently, if you have anything you'd like us to think about, ask away.

Perhaps we will share it next week?


Interesting Friday thoughts you had there, and I just saw it today! Oh well... I do want to share that I try to maximize the 280 word limit by using before posting to #DBuzz

Wow! that's some serious creative potential. Didn't know about the Angel number 280 and Hebrew stuff. Good catch. But technically speaking it's still not infinite expression 😎

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