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This is my nephew taking off on holiday...He found it quite easy; He just grabbed his monkey backpack, waved goodbye and left...Here he is wandering off on his big adventure without a care in the world.

But going on holiday isn't quite that simple, not for us anyway; Adulting isn't that simple in general.

We have been planning a trip to Europe to visit my family and the plan was to be there in July as we would miss some of our winter and gain some of their summer. Good plan right?

For those that don't know, I live in Australia which is exactly 17 gazillion kilometres away from Europe. For that reason getting to where we want to go takes a long time and can be quite costly. Subsequently we've had to have a fairly stringent savings plan to gather the required funds. As it turns out my wife and I are not actually billionaires; So we have had to go without a lot to bring the money together and are still working on it. This is why I have some hope that steem eventually gets its act together.

Here's the thing though...Last night something came up placing the entire trip in jeopardy I had to put a pause on it. I was devastated.

I'm waiting on some information to come through, which I hope arrives today, that will determine our course of action and with a little luck [it's a life-situation outside of our ability to influence] we will be able to determine a way forward this evening and the trip can take place.

I will be very disappointed if I can't make the trip however we will accept it if that's what happens. We focus hard on finding a balance between living for now and planning ahead and whilst the easy thing is to say screw it and simply spend the money for a little instant gratification it's not really the responsible thing to do...Maybe the average 20 year old may feel comfortable doing that however that's probably only because the average 20 year old doesn't know what they don't know and that life is a little more complicated than simply giving in to the need for a little instant gratification.

I understand and am familiar with the, do it now as you may not be able to later response however whilst that ethos may work for some, it is not always the most advantageous course for my wife and I; Sometimes yes, sometimes not so yes. [That is to say, no.] I guess it could be difficult to understand if you're not me or my wife as our financial situation is private to us.

So, even after having a savings plan, working hard at it, and our jobs, to bring this trip together something pops up and boom it's in jeopardy. That's life though isn't it? We never know what's around the corner. As much as we'd like to grab our monkey backpacks and simply go, like my nephew, we can't. All we can do is live the best version of our lives, roll with the punches when they come and enjoy the up-times.

Tomorrow isn't promised - Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default
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Just got to do the best with what we get delt that's out of our control.

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Yeah that's true...Not much else for it but to roll with the punches and give out a few when possible. Figuratively speaking of course.

How'd you go with those real estate agents? Get any sense out of them?

Lol "give out a few when possible" love it. I have a couple of them coming to look at the place over the next two days and see what they have to say on valuation and fees etc.

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Cool...Let me know if you need clarification...Almost 18 years in the job...Still doing it, but managing now, not actively selling...That's a mugs game. Lol.

Thanks buddy I appreciate the offer 👍.

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Hi @galenkp just would like your thoughts on putting my house up for auction instead of a standard listing with a price on it? The real estate agent today thought it likely best to do an auction and also thinks it's very likely to sell before the auction. I will not be charged any extra for the auction. Thanks for any input on this😀.

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I was going to off an in-depth fhilosofikal response, but had trouble spelling the damn word...!!!!!

Haha...Well, your butchered spelling of it did the job...But just so you know, it's spelled...



Thank you so much @galenkp for the correction; I don't have to waste time spell checking the damn word now...

I hope that situation is able to resolve satisfactorily enough so you can still make the trip :S

Aaaaaahhhhhh your nephew is sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute XD

Life has a way of throwing up challenges and each must be faxed as best it can; This one is no different and has been tackled head on. :)

Yeah, my nephew is a funny little guy. He got that backpack for Christmas and he loves it. He'll throw it on and wave bye bye and just walk around for hours. Little funny bugger for sure.

Howdy sir galenkp! yes very true...the life truths you mentioned. lol. But then the only easy day was yesterday! You gotta be financially disciplined to reach your goals. What is the hardest thing about steemit for you right now?

To be honest I don't find much about steemit hard. I mean I'd like the price to be higher and to be honest some more engagement on my posts however the rest is all outside of my control really. I see us as early adopters and as such we need to push through the ups and downs as it works out what it is and can be. How about you?

Well yeah, nothing is hard, that was the wrong terminology. Frustrating would be a better word. I run out of voting power almost immediately and can't get to all the people I'm trying to support. Those are the two frustrations for me.

Yes, the lack of VP is frustrating. I'd like to hand out some more but there's only so much to go around I guess.