: Hacked? BLM, YES

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So, first of all, from what I can tell, I do not believe the site was hacked, but rather a response from the author, but I don't know, wish they posted a link to their Hive account addressing this topic more.

Assuming it was not hacked, I do understand why they did this.

First, no questions asked, Black Lives do matter.

I think, at times, we have to be forced to stop and see what is going on and take notice if we like it or not.

When I was in Atlanta GA, the BLM groups would block the main highway in the city at rush hour, causing massive traffic jams that lasted hours. This was scary for drivers, stoped people getting home, stoped first responders getting to incident scenes, and more.

On one hand, it did bring attention to a serious topic. Systemic Racism. The group also did get media coverage, they got their message out, conversations started. Its a win.

On the other hand, many lives were interrupted, people could not get home, medical personal could not reach critical places. The solution to a problem is not more problems...

Was this good or bad? ... ...

The topic of ongoing racism based off skin color is a topic that we have to stop and look at. It's a topic that should not be a topic anymore. Its 2020 and this shit is still going on. People need to wake the fuck up.

So, am I upset I could not see my stats today on ... YES! Was I pissed off I got stuck in a 4-hour traffic jam in the Atlanta heat, 100% yes.

I then think about the many victims of racist crimes, of the black family that have to endure more shit then this every day. Bull shit like "stop and frisk" policy, the vast number of police shootings, the government imposed poverty on minorities.... all just based on the color of someone's skin. This and so many other crimes to fellow people ... Makes me madder than a little inconvenience now and again. I am not the center of the world, the world is not here to serve only me.

So yea.. I am upset and bummed I can not view my stats, but I will take on this bit of BS and take time to remember others have it worse and do my part to fight for justice.

Assuming that was not hacked and this was was a choice by the owner of the site, I stand by it. Wake people up.

  • What are your thoughts?

** Disclaimer:
I try to be educated on these topics, but as anyone with 100's of things pulling at their attention every day, it's hard to be informed 100% and fully researched. Please do not take my lack of knowledge in a topic as insulting if any of the material above is seen as such. I am writing from a position of curiosity and a desire to help and grow.


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