Free Speech, Free life

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Free Specch, Free life

Recently,@theycallmedan has invited us to an excelent initiative to write about #freespeech.

i will try to do it.

God, Brain and word
God gave to the animals and human the capacity of communication and language.
Our brain build ideas, and it has to express.
and God too gave us intelligence, and with this things, the responsibility to use this capacities.
So, it is a deep philosophical matter.

The responsibility
Each one may be responsable and carry out with the consequences of their actions and speeches.
Speech has power, speech is a tool and a weapon. Speech can teach, aducate or be destructive.
People think, people feel and want to communicate.
Bible says: "as that is in abundance in tour heart, that is what about you will talk"
And sais too "stop your tongue"
So only you have the power and responsibility to administer this tool named speech.
popular wisdom sais: man is own of that keep in silence, and slave of his speech.
Then, we could use this power with prudence.

Free Speech and social net.
In 20eth century, radio and T.V.dominated the massive communication media.
Now, we have social nets tool, and everybody in the world can express and send their ideas to all people around the world. So, everybody can express, educate or destroy using the power of speech.
For the first time, all people can do it. express and send and arrive far in a few time.

Communication and human right
Freedom is measured observing #freespeech. Many governments take strict control of the communication media, and attempt against free speech. Venezuela is an example right now.
Social medias are the channel that venezuelan people can use to express, because authorities put in silence and have censored or appropriate of T.V. and radio.
FB, INSTAGRAM and TW, have been de support of the communication in this country. Many people have been arrested for their opinions, like a medicine doctor recently, who speak about COVId-19, saying that government not take care about physicians.
We can see clearly the importance of #freespeech.

social net or mutenet
Social media was born to let people express, and to do the communication more democratic.
but in last time, some of them have taken restrictive politics and sensured users, many times for not adequated language.
But, we might to think in the cases of terrorism. Everybody is agree about their use of social media is so dangerous.

I think that people have the capacity to speech, and the responsibility about it. Have to use this tool wisdom.
Bible says: "be prudent like snake, and simple like dove"

#HIVE and #free speech
#freespech is possible in #HIVE because there is no restrictions to express any opinion about any matter.
People can express what they think about life, games, hobbies, sports, education, politic, religion, rain, flowers, animals, cosmos, etc.

I can see that i can make #freespech in #HIVE. So i can talk to everybody and everybody can see and readme.
We have to take advantage of this tool.

Thanks to @theycallmedan
I´ll public this doccument in

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