Asking the community - Unclaimed LARYNX miner tokens

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Which projects do you think should be placed on the first shortlist for unclaimed LARYNX miner tokens?


You can read more about the Speak Network here.

White is paper coming soon!



Three solid communities that would be great to build ties into.

dont worry they already are in secret talks with @hellotelos so was @dtube

LBRY or BitChute


What Bitchute is?

Thank you so much.

Truly appreciate it!

Maybe you can make it into a fund for rewarding underfunded but active communities that use 3speak a lot

I was once called, "A real piece of work," so I guess that makes me a project.

I'll have some.

Genius 🤓

Hive Community

Did you already starts the claim drop?

The New Age DApps Community for The Matrix-8 Solution, Community Consensus and Voting system (to be):

New Age?
Meaning the New Age concepts from the 70’s and late 80’s?

No, it's the name we gave to the Hive Community to develop a DApp for The Matrix-8 Solution

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I thought the name pertains something like the new age that i know of, your name atma somehow falls on that too 😄

Yeah, i'm not sure i like the term "New Age" as the meaning is perhaps not clear, meaning different things to different people. However, New Age DApps name was chosen by John Huckel.

But New Age could mean more enlightened, more equitable, and that's the intention for the DApps that will hopefully be created. So yes, you are right (in this illusory duality :-)


Are you open to receiving a non-judgemental comment re. your profile picture?

theta? Just throwing out big names

I am still not clear on how to clam the Monthly air drop of tokens.. I missed 3 months, I log into 3spak and post videos often, but never see anything saying "Click here to clam". Bummed out that I'm missing this.. How do I claim the monthly drops? Can I claim past ones?

I don't think it has started yet.

has not started yet

Use it to fund ongoing campaigns for free speech in the greater internet.

I'm new here please help and support.

LARYNX ? wtf kinda name is that yuck sounds like a medical office with old dying people

change it to just the VOICE token

no and block one does not own the word voice