Three Tune Tuesday for the first time on my profile. Let’s see my picks for the week.

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Well, I decided to give this initiative by @ablaze a chance and this will be my first week of joining this community of music lovers. I started seeing regular posts from people in my friends list, so why don’t I share some of my current favorites with you? I say current favorites, because my music preferences tend to shift between styles and artists, but I really cannot imagine working on my PC without music in my earphones.

Today I’m gonna share some Bulgarian music with you and it is different in styles. I’m not a fan of any particular music style and believe that in every genre there are nice and valuable gems. Of course, these songs can feel brilliant for me, yet not pleasant for other listeners. Of course music is due to everyone’s personal choice.

Now, let’s see what will be the first tune in this week’s choice. This is maybe the band that I’m listening to, for more than a year now and they don’t bore me still. They have about 15 published songs and now they are working on their second album. They are called “Kerana & Kosmonavtite” (Kerana $ The Cosmonauts)

I like them a lot, because they make music entirely in Bulgarian language. In a world that tends to make music mainly in English, this is a true gem. Their genre is not exact. Some of their songs are more focused towards rock, while others sound more like Ska/Reggae. This current song is made as a soundtrack to a movie which is not yet released. And if they sound cool on these videos, they are way cooler when playing live.

The first album of Kerana & Kosmonavtite is called Ursa Minor, which is a great reference to the cosmic theme. An interesting fact is that Kerana - the vocalist of the band is nominated for a Woman of the year, in the Music category.

Well, let’s see the second tune…

Dara is one of the most famous artists in Bulgaria lately. Unlike my first pick, she has decided to attack the world music scene in English and thus her music would be recognized to a wider audience. I remember she started her music career after a tv show for singers and then she was just 16 years of age. After some songs in Bulgarian she switched to English and it seems that all her music videos have gained a great amount of quality and they look on a international level now. Dara is currently (for the second season) a jury in “The Voice” of Bulgaria and is one of the most recognizable young artists.

Well, the last tune of the day is… a cover… and this is a cover of Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana. And the cover is again, by Kerana and her appearance in The Voice of Bulgaria where she reached the finals, but eventually finished on the 3rd place.

Making a cover of the legendary Michael Jackson is the ultimate task that is close to impossible, but I think the version of the Bulgarian lady is quite nice and brings a lot of energy with the performance.

These are my tunes for my first week of attending the Three Tune Tuesday event, hope that you’ll like and enjoy them.
Have fun and see you soon!


Yay! 🤗
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Ah yes indeed @mdosev, great to have you aboard man and I am delighted to see you sharing some Bulgarian tunes which will be new to most of us too, those are the ones I always enjoy.

Kerana & Kosmonavtite --- Ya man these guys rock, no clue what they are singing about, but serious passion and unexpected brass section.. That girl is a great lead singer as well, she really puts on a show.

Yeah, she is a real beast sometimes. I attended some live show of the band and sometimes I’m really wondering how she manages to keep on singing while jumping and dancing around the stage.

Happy to be around for ttt!