Artwork Time-lapse

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This is a time-lapse of my digital work "YOU SAID I'M DIRTY COS I'M MENSTRUATING BUT YOU ASK ME TO SWALLOW YOUR CUM". I have found a new way to record the process without having to show the whole screen and without you seeing all the zoom ins and outs which can be frustrating at times. :D

Anyway, I have been planning to do this work for I think months now. I mean not really actively planning, but usually when I have an idea, I let it sit in my mind for months cos maybe months after I'll have more things to add and improve for the idea. This one was still the same idea that I had so I just went on for it.

Before I published it, I asked for ideas and opinions from @acidyo, @elfranz, @rasamuel, and @ybanezkim26 to have a different perspective. I did a lot of research before going for it but I still needed different opinions as well. They have been helpful whether it's about the look or the concept of the work. I am thankful for their outputs cos back in art school, we used to comment each others' works but some are so busy now, so wasn't able to ask them. :/ But hey, we got Hive friends! :P

The concept of this one shouldn't be taken literally cos there's a deeper meaning behind it. I mean obviously, we aren't asking for you to drink it. Lol. But hopefully the critical thinkers got my message, although you may have your own interpretations to it which is totally fine.

Also, thanks so much for the engagement on the post, it means a lot. Didn't expect I will get that much comments lol.

I hope you enjoy this time-lapse even though it's just simple and not so many details. I will use this method of recording again cos this looks really neat. :D

I will use for this post as a 'thank you' for the continuous support!


The method of recording is quite cool and of course it makes one concentrate on the processes itself rather than maybe the computer. I didn't see the main post where the original art work was depicted, I've been quite away looking for a job and well taking care of my family. Nevertheless I think the ideas is cool, I read the last post and what baffles me is that people like oral sex but then the thoughts of a menstruating person gives them the chills. This is of course very contradictory. Menstruating is a natural thing and there's nothing unsanitary about it, in my part of the world here it isn't so. I use to take care of my ex while she was menstruating years back, nothing scary about it.
The process in itself, I mean the time lapse is cool, although nothing too elaborate, the idea of the artwork is of course what sells it in general. Well done again. How have you been?