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RE: Artwork Time-lapse

in #timelapse4 months ago

The method of recording is quite cool and of course it makes one concentrate on the processes itself rather than maybe the computer. I didn't see the main post where the original art work was depicted, I've been quite away looking for a job and well taking care of my family. Nevertheless I think the ideas is cool, I read the last post and what baffles me is that people like oral sex but then the thoughts of a menstruating person gives them the chills. This is of course very contradictory. Menstruating is a natural thing and there's nothing unsanitary about it, in my part of the world here it isn't so. I use to take care of my ex while she was menstruating years back, nothing scary about it.
The process in itself, I mean the time lapse is cool, although nothing too elaborate, the idea of the artwork is of course what sells it in general. Well done again. How have you been?