Turtle power, Hive power. Hiding in a shell as markets drop, and try to bounce.

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Like a turtle that has been in a shell, and suddenly sticks its legs out....Hive price has dropped a leg down on some selling action.


Looking pretty sold off in general, at least in respect to the massive pump, and how far we have come down since. RSI is pretty close to bottom levels, but does not mean we cant go further. Although i think most of us arent too concerned about price. Since many people i see, are enjoying posting and reaping the benefits a reward at a time.

SPS still getting hammered down of course but theres a lot going on in the splinterlands universe. Lot of excitement i would say, and i still enjoy playing. Just not buying many cards or packs right now. I have not received any of the airdrop cards, oh well.


Im an RSI junkie, but i think its useful as an indicator. On SPS, rsi and macd have been sitting low, at least on this daily candle chart. Im still just chillin on my staked stack anyways.

On to the turtles though, as a continuation of my last post. I have some more vintage gems here, from the TMNT toy sets from the 1990s.


Here we have the Cheapskate, Footski, Sewer Seltzer Cannon, and Turtle Communicator.


The Cheapskate is a 1 turtle vehicle, that is one of the older sets, was featured in the cartoon and looks like a skateboard with a big fan on the back like a hovercraft. It has a little plastic foot, that kicks out from the front like a weapon.


Ahhh, the Sewer Seltzer Cannon, one of my gosh darn favorites. I used to love playing with this one, because i loved toys that squirt water, and was like a weapon. Endless amazement lol, had to buy this one to keep in box.


The Footski, another icon from the show, that was a villain vehicle. Bad guys were mostly with "the foot" by the way, the enemy gang basically. Floats on water, and has a crazy snake trap idea on the front of the vehicle.


The Turtle Communicator. I had this 1 when i was a kid too, and its simply a prototype cell phone idea. Looked like a turtle shell, made some beeping noises to mimic morse code, and just plain cool.

I have some more in my collection that im still going to post. Thanks to any turtle lovers out there, or if youre just stopping by, thanks for doing so, and keep on rockin.


keep rockin.
Have a !PIZZA

Thanks man. See if i can drop you an !LOL

What’s the best thing about Switzerland?
I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.

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Lotrimin should make NFTs
They are good at making things non-fungible.

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I had the cheapskate, I remember it well. Did they ever bring out a module toy? Bebob, Rock Steady. To the modules! I'm liking the fact that everything is dropping. My plan is to get back to the Hive Power I powered down last year. I will grab some SPS along the way as well. Don't worry quackman. We be good and we will have some fun along the way!

Im with ya, im just sitting back mostly. Kind of knew things had to cme down, its just such a long process. Lazy past couple days, cold here in Chicago.

I had the module too actually, but not in box. It was the one i had when i was a kid, that i sold on ebay not long ago. Bebop and rocksteady, such 80s names lol, my homies.

I got a post planned, for the flushomatic, related to the flushing of the market. Gotta catch up on everyone elses posts, so ill pay you a visit too bud.

Its a place id love to visit is Chicago. When i get there il give you a bell. I hear its bloody freezing there this time of year.

Hell yeah man, its got history, just like a lot of places. It was below freezing for a few days, was shoveling snow today, but its closer to 0 celsius or 32F.

Was curious, just looked, youre actually slightly more north, id imagine your season might be similar to here.

Traveling for a while is a dreamy idea. Been watching travel vlog guys on youtube. Just need to be more free and setup before i can drink a beer at pub in Dublin, or Cork one day. Might not be for a least a few years for me.


Its around 10-12 degrees here today. A nice day actually. We would be near the sea so we would only go below freezing sometimes but snow would be maybe once every 2 years. The wind chill is the thing here. It might be 5 degree but it might feel like -5 . Rain is the problem. I have two small kids so freedom to travel is a problem for me as well although we do get around europe for weekends away but not too far afield. We shall have a pint in cork some day man . Sure of it 😀

Takin a puff from the vape in your honor bud!


The Turtle communicator, so ahead of its time!

Heck yeah Boom, i always thought it was such a cool gadget. I loved things that had batteries and used light or sound, always caught my attention so i can tinker.

Keep boomin and/or rockin.


Nice collections. I love your face cap.

By the way, this dip got me badly but we move.

That TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) hat/cap is awesome. I give you some !PIZZA, some !LUV, and some !LOLZ. Have a nice day and have a nice weekend. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.


Thank you my bro lol. You are one of my inspirations to do some posts. We gotta keep up the grind, the year is young and we are setting up.

What's green and sits in the corner?
A naughty frog.

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