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RE: What is a whale & how do we ride them?

in #trading3 years ago

term whale in bitcoin is most likely derived from gaming

or gambling

also on your point on buying during uptrend isn't proftiable in the long run you will lose money

as the old adage goes buy low sell high

so you want to enter markets during lull periods before action as happened and HODL until sell

also never take advice from trading trollboxs nearly all is FUD and manipulation tactics especially on poloniex and rep system is fake with heavy fudsters repping each other up early on so that being pink means nothing and mods do very little against.


Wow! Thanks for this! As a newcomer clearly I am still learning. I will make a few adjustments to the post now as not to give anyone bad advice...


That's why I miss btc-e.

The trollbox was hilarious!

And many years ago while trading on btc-e, I did a stealth ride in the wake of some whales during the biggest LTC run (up to that point LTC's history). Then I immediately arbitraged on some follow-on exchanges (mostly foreign).

That was all GREAT fun!