How to increase traffic on blog

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All bloggers work daily to increase traffic to their blog and millions of articles on the internet also give information on how to increase traffic on the blog but just reading the article does not increase the blog traffic to increase traffic on the website or blog Every day, while learning something new, I have to experiment, which will increase the traffic of your blog. Succeed in using them and keep experimenting with new

Hello friends, the way I have mentioned, a lot of traffic will increase on your blog, you must see it.

How to increase traffic on blog
In the beginning all new bloggers just waste a lot of time designing blogs and create posts and pages on blogs without any research.

Due to which the beginning of new blogger is wasted hard work and there is no traffic on the block in the initial time.

Due to which the initial hard work of new bloggers is wasted and there is no traffic on the blog in the initial time.

If soon after the set up to set up a block, SEO friendly post with a little bit of research is created and work is done to increase the traffic, then good traffic soon starts coming to the blog.

If you are already working on your blog and with the design of the blog, many posts and pages have also been published.

1.Professional blog design

Just like after visiting a website with a yellow background, red text, and useless font size, you will shut down the site in 2 seconds and never go to such a site again, in the same way that a blog with a bad design is not liked. Would do

No one else visits the blog again. Due to poor blog design, people will leave the website immediately, which will increase the bounce rate, people will not come back on the block, then according to Google's algorithm your blog will be less trustworthy.

Due to which the blog will not rank in any search engine and traffic will not come on your blog.

Therefore it is important to have good design of website and blog.

Choose a good theme with a professional design for your blog so that all your readers will like the design and all the users can read the content of the blog in an easy way.

Look at the point below to choose a theme

The theme looks professional
The theme should have all the options you need such as side bar, future, image etc.
Blog theme should be lightweight.
The theme should also be responsive.
Blog theme should be mobile friendly.

  1. content
    We all know that in the world of blogging, content is everything, meaning the better the content of the blog, the more readers will like the blog. Google has also clearly said that write posts only for users and if your post is good then Google Automatic will rank your post. Therefore, only quality content is published on the block which is helpful and useful for users.

Keep the following points in mind to improve the content

Research - To improve the content of the block, do a thorough research on the subject of the post before writing the post and start writing the post only after understanding all the information.

Headings- It is very important to understand the content easily and to use excellent headings to make it attractive. After 4 to 5 paragraphs in the article, write an attractive and useful headings.

Remove boring content - People do not like to waste their time, so do not add boring content to enlarge the article, just add useful lines to the article so that people do not get bored.

  1. Article Length

Most posts have only about 500 to 700 words, which is why their posts are never viral. For more traffic, it is very important to make the post viral and for the content to be viral, the article needs to be big.
If the post is to go viral, then write more than 2000 words in your article.

  1. keywords research

Keyword research is very important before writing a post. Because if you will write a post without keyword research, it will be like working in the dark and your posts will rank very hard, so do keyword research before you start writing the post.
There are three main things in keyword research.
Find keywords
Analysis competition on keywords
choose low competition keywords

One can easily do all the research related work using the semrush tool.
You will have to do a little hard work for keyword research for free. Because you have to use three tools.

  1. Google keywords planner

  2. keywords everywhere

  3. Search Engine Optimization

This blog is the most important point to increase traffic because it is very difficult to get good traffic on a blog without seo.

The search engine can bring millions of visitors to the blog in 1 day, for which it is necessary to make the blog search engine friendly. If the blog is not optimized for search engines, then there will be no organic traffic to the blog. And all the ways to increase traffic will be of no use.

SEO has a lot of algorithms, you have to work on the blog keeping in mind all of them.

Well, there is no 100% perfect definition of SEO but according to the experience of old bloggers and webmasters, it can work for it.

The seo is mainly divided into two parts.

  1. on page optimization
  2. off page optimization