Fly with me to San Francisco

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This week @clains and his coworker at BitSpace, Matthew are going to the Tulip Conference in San Francisco. I'm going with them, not to the conference but to explore the city while they are hard at work. In this post I will share the beginning of our journy from Oslo, Norway to San Francico in California. Here is a picture from the view at our hotel. The San Francico Intercontinental Hotel.


Here the plain is taking off in Oslo, 14 hours journey ahead!

First stop is Munic, then we wait for two hours before the next plain to San Francico departs

The boys where working the whole way to San Francico, even at the middle stop in Munic airport.


Me on the other hand is busy relaxing


There was very good ice cream at Munic Airport


It is always fun to look at food in the airport-shops while waiting for the next plain




Here we are finally landing in San Francico after a long journey with little sleep. However, the wonderful city that lies ahead makes up for the pain of traveling


We are staying at this beautiful hotel, San Francico Intercontinental


A room with a View


That was all for now, but stay tuned for updates on my San Francico Adventure!

With Love


Det bi gøy 👍😊

Wonderful photography mam
I am new in steemit, please mam check my blog once

Oslo to San Francisco that's quite a trip! I'm Danish and up in Seattle and we go to Copenhagen sometimes, so I know how it is.

I hope you have fun exploring San Francisco; it's a good city to have "the American Experience" when you come from Scandinavia. I don't know how much you will be able to get around, but if you have a chance, get out to Muir Woods in Marin County where the giant redwood trees are. Enjoy!

Yes, I'm planning to go there, will post pictures when I do :)

I have been to a lot of countries but I haven’t been there America yet. Traveling never gets boring :)

Kjempefin tur du er på, takk for at du deler reisen med oss😊❤️

Great, looking forward for more SF posts :)