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RE: Chasing Waterfalls In An Australian State Forest - Barrington Tops

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Nice shots! Now I will have to add Barrington Tops to my list of places to visit. A trick for cold weather camping that I learned a long time ago and has served me well is to strip down (naked is best but underwear is fine) after you get into the sleeping bag for the night. I know it seems counter intuitive at first but your sleeping bag works by trapping your body's heat and the more layers of clothes you wear, the more they interfere with that (assuming the weather hasn't exceeded your bag's rating). Keep your clothes in the bag with you and in the morning you have warm clothes to put on instead of your body already being adjusted to the temperature with them on. This helps make that first shock of cold air outside the sleeping bag more bearable. Hope that helps the next time you find yourself in that situation!


Thanks for the tips mate I’ll be sure to use that one next time! Also you should definitely visit Barrington it’s amazong 🙌