St. Lucia - Soufrière and the Pitons

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Soufrière and the surrounding hills are exceptionally picturesque. No kidding, it,s such a popular honeymoon destination. There are some great beaches and coves all around the island, but nothing beats a place with the view of the Pitons. Those triangular mountains or extinct volcanoes that stand out like a sore thumb :)


This is not photoshopped, it really looks like this from the beach when the sun is at the right angle during Golden Hour. You can see below what it looks like during an overcast day. We got lucky in April and put together our own pandemic special. The all-inclusive and package trips to St. Lucia are unaffordable but you can get lucky and find BnB's or boutique motels with exceptional views.


Who needs an all-inclusive when beers are 2-3 dollars and food is available right on the beach. The locals are lively and happy to sell booze and great food. The roti is unbelievable and there were plenty of other fresh choices available in the restaurants.


This bar was perfect for most of the day. You can take a boat from here to fancy hotels and reefs in the area, it's a great way to save 500 a night. The clubs and bars in the town are not exactly catering to tourists to put it nicely, but on the beach it's fine. There are some grocery stores in the city that sell alcohol and a couple of banks, but there is poverty I would not expect on such a luxurious island, so exercise caution when walking around, especially at night.


This was the view from our room, the bar would be just below to the left. The music was nice and when it cut out all you could hear were the waves. There was a fancier restaurant right below where this photo was taken on the beach, but it was twice the price for drinks that at the beach bar.


The town has a well kept square across from the church. Don't be fooled, most of Soufrière doesn't look like this. You see open sewers, dilapitated shacks and poverty. The tourism dollars clearly don't get passed along as generously as one would think. This is part of the reason why we don't stay at mega resorts when possible. We supported small local businesses in a time of need.


Here is a freedom monument. St. Lucia was a possession of France, then the UK, and now it is independent. The locals, many of whom were descendents of slaves, speak some French but mostly English. It's a pleasant mix of cultures. You can taste it in the food and feel the atmosphere.


This was a great restaurant view on the hills overlooking the beach and both the Pitons. We ate there twice it was a amazing environment and fairly reasonable. The restaurant was next to a hotel called La Haut and on the only road out of Soufrière towards the more populated northern end of the island.


If you're ever lucky enough to go to St. Lucia, it's recommended not to go to an all-inclusive. Put the trip together yourselves. We hired a driver for the day to take us on a tour of some of the hot spots around the Island for $150. You won't regret visiting!


Lovely. Thank you for the story and your open eyes. Yes, tourism dollars stay in the pockets of resort owners and they don't care about people.

Those hills are pyramids, of course.

@tipu curate

Thanks ) we only go to a resort about 1/10 trips as some places they are tough to avoid

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