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RE: Port Charlotte, Florida - Sun, Sand and Saltwater

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I hope life has been good whatsup. I am just kind of making my way back to posting and now I have to differentiate between steem and give and where to post. Any advice? What is innerhive and why are they downvoting you? What side did haejin end up on?

PS I hope life has been good for you and your familia!


Most of the community moved to Hive. If you want engagement and activity go there, many are cross posting.

I didn't really bother, because as you noted most of my stuff gets downvoted anyway, and I while I am not overly offended, and acknowledge the right of stakeholders to choose to do that... it has nothing to do with my content and is simply because I disagreed on ONE topic with Bernie, who is innerhive.

Hive has a lot of work to do on promotion and even just vision.

Steem isn't operating as a blockchain right now with one majority holder controlling everything.

Both projects are functional and may hold some value at some point. Regarding large holders, DPOS was compromised and I wouldn't make a life changing investment in either.

Blogging, and playing some games and staying in touch with crypto people is my main interest in following both.

As for life, it's a bit of a rough patch right now, my husband recently received a scary diagnosis and we are still working through it.

Very good to see you I always respected your opinion, and enjoyed your posts and engagement. Glad to see you around.