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RE: Hornstrandir - the most desolate corner of Iceland

in #travel4 years ago

Wow such an amazing trip, you shared it so beautifully! I've always wanted to visit this part of Iceland, and now even more!
I really like this post, so you get both and upvote, resteem, follow and then I tried to promote it in the curie channel :)


Wow, thank you for promoting my post! What other parts did you see? You seem to be a true free spirit! Maybe we'll meet somewhere on the road :D

I've just been very quickly to Island many years ago with my mother. I guess it must have been in.. 2007 or -8! I was in a hard moment in my life and decided to go with my mother to the Iceland Airwaves Festival in Reykjavik. We were just there for 6 days I think, but managed to go and see the typical tourist spots (Gullfoss and the geysirs.. blue lagoon). It was a very fast a touristy kind of way - since I've travelled in much more alternative ways, mildly said ;) But Iceland made a very big impression on me anyway and helped me through my personal struggle in a very profound way. I knew I had to go back one day and I see the more remote areas!

I'm glad to hear it had healful impact on you! But yes - it's definatley worth seeing more than Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon, but as you can see - it's hard to find a spot with no touristic touch :( Keep in mind that tourist industry grew few times since 2008.