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RE: Port Charlotte, Florida - Sun, Sand and Saltwater

in #travel4 months ago

Looks like a nice holiday

For years on Steemit you voted and commented on my posts. Thanks, I really appreciated that.

Since the hardfork I've never used Steemit, so I have no idea what you have posted there.

From time to time we disagreed about some things. And that's cool.

If you decide to start posting on Hive - welcome back.



I don't have a lot of stake anymore in either project.

I don't know why I randomly post on Hive, mostly to see if it gets flagged I guess.

Good to see you, I got both burnt out and also disappointed in both projects and where they are headed.

I'm sure you know about blockchain stuff I don't understand, but I was mad as hell with Steemit and have taken to Hive like a duck to water - for me it's like Steemit was circa four years ago.

I had no investment in Steemit after 2018 but my Hive wallet is now back to what it was worth when I cashed out of Steemit back then

I'm glad to hear it!!