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RE: Golden Gate Park, a beautiful park in San Francisco, USA

in #travel3 months ago

You have personal photographer!!

Lovely blue sky with lots of thick white clouds! Those trees might be very old, over a hundred years old!! Nice open space! Wanna go for a long walk!


I'm glad that you like the blue sky with lots of thick white clouds, too. I agree with you, those trees might be very old indeed. It's very nice open space that I would love to walk around, too. Thanks so much for your nice comment. ;)

Yeah! Look at sky these days, so grey!

Where’s the bright blue sky and white cotton clouds to cheer my mood up a bit! This weather makes me very sleepy!

The weather here makes me very sleepy, too. In the meantime, I love the freshness of the rainy days; everything looks green and these make me feel happy.... ;)