A Glimpse of My Siargao Adventure- My First Ride of a Surfing Board … Blog #003

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Hello all pretties and handsomes hivers!

Travel? Adventure? Want it? Ofcourse we do.

Let me share to you, the few of my moments in my Siargao travel.
I am trying to retrieve my other pictures during the said travel wayback 2018, I just had these in time. But still looking for more.


As I call myself as aqua girl coz I love beaching. I am happy being in the surroundings full of water.


Since Siargao was known to its wonderful waves for surfing, so I did try myself to do surfing.





This wonderful tourists’ spot is in Cloud 9, Siargao, Surigao Philippines.

I had a super fun and adventurous experience here. Its my first time to ride a surfing board. And yeheey! It was successful.. I made it..



I am glad to share with you my another first in life. What about you? Are you still afraid of trying things that you really want? Please don’t, we need to go out fro our shell , for us to grow and discover the wonders of the world and be the best that we can.



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Hi @mhissfhey! You have a good adventure in Siargao. Add some details on your content (Tell us about the experience or what we want to look when we do the same thing) so that you can have a good chance for curation. The photos are good but there are no story to boost it. I'll look forward to more of your content. If you need some examples for curatable travel post, I can drop a link. Also, post on the correct community that fits to your post. Maybe recommend some for curation. By the way, don't forget to engage to other content. Enjoy some !PIZZA



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@juecoree i will, next time. Thanks a lot. 💕

In terms of travel you should post in "haveyoubeenhere" community for a nice upvote. I love the images, you're pretty but sometimes it's fun to read the stories you experienced there. I'm sure it's fun to share the wonderful you experienced there and perhaps a little information that might be helpful for those who haven't been there.

Thank you so much for the idea @mrnightmare89. I’ll do it. 😍

Just don't hesitate to ask maam, dali rana nimo since maestra man sad ka,writing is just like a piece of cake.hehehe

Haha salamat @mrnightmare89. Not that into writing but I’ll try. If dili kaayo ma busy 🤗☺️

Ah, yeah. no pressure and just enjoy. Siguro kung unsa lay imong na observahan or nafeel fyts nana. Sometimes it's not about what will other people think ky its about us who had an amazing experienced and we felt like shouting it out.

True po @mrnightmare89. Thank for your words of motivation. 😍

and oh by the way, you can click your profile pic at the right side and so it will be easier to find the community.

hehehe yeap I had already joined certain communities but I haven’t posted any yet. ☺️😊

hahahah yun oh! Mahuhuli na ‘to ngayon 😅