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RE: A Glimpse of My Siargao Adventure- My First Ride of a Surfing Board … Blog #003

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In terms of travel you should post in "haveyoubeenhere" community for a nice upvote. I love the images, you're pretty but sometimes it's fun to read the stories you experienced there. I'm sure it's fun to share the wonderful you experienced there and perhaps a little information that might be helpful for those who haven't been there.


Thank you so much for the idea @mrnightmare89. I’ll do it. 😍

Just don't hesitate to ask maam, dali rana nimo since maestra man sad ka,writing is just like a piece of cake.hehehe

Haha salamat @mrnightmare89. Not that into writing but I’ll try. If dili kaayo ma busy 🤗☺️

Ah, yeah. no pressure and just enjoy. Siguro kung unsa lay imong na observahan or nafeel fyts nana. Sometimes it's not about what will other people think ky its about us who had an amazing experienced and we felt like shouting it out.

True po @mrnightmare89. Thank for your words of motivation. 😍

and oh by the way, you can click your profile pic at the right side and so it will be easier to find the community.

hehehe yeap I had already joined certain communities but I haven’t posted any yet. ☺️😊