Enjoying the Austrian Alps

in #travel18 days ago

Hi everyone!

I am taking a break for a week to enjoy the gorgeous views from the mountains in Austria. It's one big hiking paradise here in the Tyrolean Alps. Beautiful :-)

Here are a few pictures of the mountain landscapes that I took today.





Don't expect any 'Hive Statistics posts' from me this week ;-)

Have a good one!

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Awesome, enjoy! That sounds like a fantastic trip!

Nice, that you visit my country :)
I am from the Eastern part, but I like Tyrol too!
From where are you? Please don´t tell me Antarctica :)

Came to see stats. Walking away feeling breathless.

Lovely pics. Enjoy your holidays!

Magnificent photographs @penguinpablo

What amazing mountain view, that'a so awesome brother 👍👍

Have fun mate

Just gorgeous. Hope you're having a great time. I need to get out of the city. I'm a little envious! Cheers from Buffalo NY.

Enjoy your vacation ... we will be here when you return, and, Hive stats aren't going anywhere either!

Nice place! And probably you are lucky that its much quieter than normal, and may be even cheaper. Tourism has been hit hard by the Corona crisis, also in Austria.
Stay healthy and have fun!

So nice! Enjoy it!! 😎

Nice I also just came back from my hiking trip here in our beautiful country. I was in Salzburg and Tyrol. And it was nice, enjoying the fresh air and the mountain landscapes.

The view is beautiful, maybe you could post more nature and landscape photographs

Enjoy the ambience 👌 and come refreshed

enjoy the alps!
I love 'em! :)

Looks gorgeous. I think we all need a break like that from time to time.

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Wow, that looks amazing, love Austria and the Alps. Have planned on visiting Schneberg and Rax this summer, but havent gotten to it yet... Hope to get there within the coming weeks!