I've missed you Granville Island!

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I finally could come back to my favorite place in Vancouver, Granville Island!! Granville Island is a very touristic place, but nonetheless, it is my favorite place in Van because of the delicious food and the lively atmosphere.


When I come to Granville Island, the first thing I eat is a sausage roll. It's because there is a bakery near the entrance, and when I see the sausage rolls, I can't resist buying them :(



Today's main course is fish & chips and Margherita Pizza 😋 My mouth is watering while I'm posting this.


What kind of dessert should I get?


I got Lee's donut for the dessert of today ♥️


During my trip to Granville Island, I also saw a interesting-looking pirate ship.

What adventures waiting for me in Vancouver?😘


Oooh that donut looks delicious 🤤 is it plain or has filling?

Strawberry jam filling of course @pxlmitsu!! Would ya believe me if I was thinking about you today? 😍😘

I totally would :) miss ya girl 😘

Miss you too!!!! I'll fly to Europe as soon as possible 😭

That first photo looks like the "metaverse" :)

Ahhhh! Yeah, it totally looks like a metaverse 🤣