A Day in Cartago, Costa Rica

in #travel3 years ago

Last week I had to make a trip into the closest "big" town. Come along for a ride with me in a taxi, in a bus, and with friends as we travel around Cartago doing all sorts of things.

Cartago is a town filled with history. It was Costa Rica's capital city from from 1574 to 1824. Much of the original architecture has been preserved, including the old Santiago Apóstol Parish. It's the last of a series of churches that existed on this spot since 1575, most of which were destroyed by various earthquakes. It is a Cultural Heritage Site, but not considered to be "ruins" because completion of the church was halted after yes, still another earthquake--the Santa Monica earthquake of 1910. The building was never finished, but the state of its final construction has been preserved as a historical site and public park.

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