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As a metal and rock music lover, I can't be indifferent to a place like the one I'm going to show you here. Not as much of a fan as a woman I met recently who purposefully visits Hard Rock Cafes in different countries to buy various souvenirs, but I like that kind of setting and enjoy the music if it's not too loud.


And at the end of the day, this is a restaurant and the food is the main attraction here, so I'd say all the elements come together beautifully, no compromise is made on one thing at the expense of another - for example the quality of the food at the expense of the setting.


Even the beer was great, lively beer, of unique quality and taste.


And the specialties on the menu...


I have to tell you that I was extremely hungry when I came across this establishment. I got there quite by accident. But it's rare that I focus so much on the food than the setting when the setting is so interesting.


Simply because the things ordered and served to my table were extremely delicious.


And although I associate the city where this restaurant is located - Veliko Tarnovo - with quite unpleasant recent events in my life, and I think I will not visit it again, this restaurant is great and I would always recommend it -


the City Pub.

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Reading this and looking at that pizza made me crazy hungry. It looks like a nice place to enjoy an evening with people who also enjoy that kind of vibe. Do bands play live music there?

I don't really know because when I was there it was just music - a little quieter or a little louder at different ends of the place. And the pizza was uniquely delicious 😃

As long as you had a good time, that's all that counts. I'm not usually one for loud music, but on the odd occasion, it's great.

This is poke a perfect pub for rock n roll lovers 😁

Yes, even for hungry rock n roll lovers too 😃


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