Baan Hom Tien, an amazing candle house, in Ratchaburi province, Thailand - Part I

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Baan Hom Tien53.jpg

Apart from “Nam Tok Kao Chon” as presented in my previous two posts; and, another one place that I would like to recommend you to visit if you travel to Ratchaburi province is “Baan Hom Tien”...

The meaning of "Baan Hom Tien" is:

Baan means house

Hom means fragrant, smell good

Tien means candle

Yeah! “Baan Hom Tien” is an amazing candle house. I think if you are a candle lover, this place is a paradise for you.

There are a lot of fragrant candles in various styles and they are very beautiful and unique.

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Baan Hom Tien52.jpg

Baan Hom Tien48.jpg

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Baan Hom Tien51.jpg

Baan Hom Tien54.jpg

The place is very large, apart from the candle shops, you will also see many other small shops around the area.

Most of the shops are well decorated in Thai traditional style and some amazing arts.

Everything seems to be colorful.

I also love that they were built with natural bamboo and the surrounding atmosphere looks really nice; there are a lot of trees around the area, the place is well designed, etc.

Baan Hom Tien.jpg

Baan Hom Tien1.jpg

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Baan Hom Tien18.jpg

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Baan Hom Tien24.jpg

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Baan Hom Tien22.jpg

Baan Hom Tien14.jpg

Baan Hom Tien9.jpg

Baan Hom Tien5.jpg

Some shops have vintage style decoration.

There are some interesting vintage items; old televisions (they were the same items that my parents used when I was a kid.), old radios, ancient chairs, vintage lamps, old households (blue pots, old food carriers - or we call "Pinto" in Thai - last photo), etc.

Baan Hom Tien55.jpg

Baan Hom Tien56.jpg

Baan Hom Tien42.jpg

Baan Hom Tien10.jpg

I can guarantee you that you will enjoy taking your time shopping and taking photos there for hours. ;)

p.s. As "Baan Hom Tien" is very large, I would like to divide the photos into three parts, part I (amazing candles and other beautiful shops) that you already saw in this post, part II (photography corners with beautiful decoration and amazing arts) and part III (restaurants with wonderful mountain views) will be presented to you in my next two posts. Please stay tuned! ;))


Wow, keren sekali tokonya @tangmo

Pemandangan dekorasi ruangan yang sangat indah menarik juga unik

Many thanks for your nice comment and for stopping by. I'm happy that you like the shops and their decoration. I like them, too! ;)

This place is amazing! The shop is full with fragrant candles and other shops look very interesting! I have to leave my purse at home if I go window shopping there! LoL

Haha! Good idea! Next time when I visit this place, I'll leave my purse at home, too.... ;D

Thanks a lot! I'm glad that you found these shops interesting. ;)

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Thank you very much for your suggestion. I'll study the details accordingly. ;)