Bhumibol Dam, the largest and beautiful dam in Thailand

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Bhumibol Dam6.jpg

As I said before, one of the good ways to help us keep relaxing while staying at home during the crisis of COVID-19 is to see beautiful places via photography. We are very lucky that we have a lot of friends around the world here so we can share and see photos of many wonderful places from the earlier journey.

Besides, it’s also great that we can encourage each other and stay strong together.

Today, I would like to show you photos of the largest and beautiful dam in Thailand, called “Bhumibol Dam”. (These photos were from my sister’s journey before the crisis of COVID 19.) This dam is situated in Tak province, in the West of Thailand.

In the past, my father drove all of us to this dam several times during our long holidays. It’s unfortunate that after his death, I don't have the opportunity to go there any longer.

“Bhumibol” is the name of our former beloved King who passed away a few years ago. So, this dam is very important, especially for all Thai people’s minds.

In the below photo, you will see that there are many people gathering on the ridge of the dam to have important activity. All of them wear yellow shirts as to remembrance of our beloved King. (Our beloved King was born on Monday and the yellow is the color of Monday.)

In the far distance, you will see the name, "BHUMIBOL DAM", (in white letters) on the mountain.

Bhumibol Dam22.jpg

Bhumibol Dam23.jpg

Apart from the name that is so important, the natural environment of this dam is also fascinating. Yeah! I always love the peaceful atmosphere there.

Seeing the wonderful view of the lake in the morning and the magnificent sunset over the lake made me feel so happy.

No need to explain more….. Let’s the nature describe itself via the photos….

Bhumibol Dam2.jpg

Bhumibol Dam.jpg

Bhumibol Dam1.jpg

Bhumibol Dam3.jpg

Bhumibol Dam7.jpg

Bhumibol Dam15.jpg

Bhumibol Dam19.jpg

Bhumibol Dam9.jpg

Bhumibol Dam8.jpg

Bhumibol Dam17.jpg

Bhumibol Dam10.jpg

Bhumibol Dam21.jpg

Bhumibol Dam16.jpg

The wonderful view from high.....

Bhumibol Dam12.jpg

Bhumibol Dam13.jpg

Nice atmosphere in the evening......

Bhumibol Dam5.jpg

Last but not least, the following decorations at the gas station near the dam can attract my eyes. The family of the cows are so cute! The sunflowers are beautiful with the bright colors.

Besides, the view of the mountains in the background is wonderful. ;)

Bhumibol Dam18.jpg

I do hope these photos can make you smile. Stay safe and healthy! ;))


Please stay safe and wear a mask when go out.
All picture are beautiful.

Thanks so much for your nice comment and for your kind wishes. I'm glad you like the pictures. Stay safe and healthy, too. ;)

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your support. ;)

Lovely photos of nature! The sky is very blue!

The mountains are green with trees and autumn leafs could be noticed from far away! I’d like to go for a swim in the water!

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I love nature like this, too. It's a relaxing place indeed. I wish I could swim in the water, too. ;)

Beautiful blue sky and clouds ...I do love nature some day will building a small home outside the city.. stay safe and healthy kha @tangmo 😍

Thanks so much for your nice comment and for stopping by. I'm glad to see you here. I really love nature, especially the sky and clouds... I wish to have a small house outside the city, too. Stay safe and have a wonderful day kha! ;)

Oh! Amazing location . its great photography.
Thanks @tangmo
Have a nice day.

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I'm glad you found the place interesting.

Have a beautiful day! ;)

Wow beautiful place. nice photography

Thanks so much! ;)

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