Golden Gate Park, a beautiful park in San Francisco, USA

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Golden Gate Park107 (2).jpg

Golden Gate Park is a large urban park consisting of 1,017 acres of public grounds in San Francisco, USA, refer to Wikipedia,

It is situated in the same area of the California Academy of Sciences (as per my previous two posts, and

So, I think the “Golden Gate Park” is a special bonus for you if you are interested in wandering around in the nice nature after the visit of the California Academy of Sciences.

It's unfortunate that my brother has not much time, he can walk in only a small area of the park. He can take only a few photos for me, as you will see here below….

Golden Gate Park105 (2).jpg

Golden Gate Park101 (1).jpg

The huge white clouds in the below photos can attract my eyes most….

Um! I would like to say an infinity "WOW" for them. They are really wonderful and I think they can make the sky look more fascinating indeed.

Besides, the grassy area is beautiful and it’s good for doing many interesting activities; i.e. baseball, football, volleyball (my favorite sport), jogging, etc.

And this looks friendly atmosphere.

Golden Gate Park110 (2).jpg

Golden Gate Park105 (1).jpg

Golden Gate Park103 (1).jpg

Golden Gate Park110 (1).jpg

Golden Gate Park101 (2).jpg

Golden Gate Park108.jpg

I also love that there are a lot of trees around the park.

Look at the following trees! They are very amazing; i.e. really huge and tall.

Golden Gate Park107 (1).jpg

Golden Gate Park115.jpg

Golden Gate Park112 (2).jpg

Oh! I think I can feel the fresh breeze from the photos....

Can you feel like me? ;))

Yeah! If we can visit the park by ourselves, we would certainly relax our minds and our bodies...

Golden Gate Park103 (2).jpg

Golden Gate Park112 (1).jpg

Golden Gate Park113.jpg

As mentioned above, the park is very large, these photos show only small parts of it.

I believe that you can use your imagination for the rest of the park.

Can you? ;D


You have personal photographer!!

Lovely blue sky with lots of thick white clouds! Those trees might be very old, over a hundred years old!! Nice open space! Wanna go for a long walk!

I'm glad that you like the blue sky with lots of thick white clouds, too. I agree with you, those trees might be very old indeed. It's very nice open space that I would love to walk around, too. Thanks so much for your nice comment. ;)

Yeah! Look at sky these days, so grey!

Where’s the bright blue sky and white cotton clouds to cheer my mood up a bit! This weather makes me very sleepy!

The weather here makes me very sleepy, too. In the meantime, I love the freshness of the rainy days; everything looks green and these make me feel happy.... ;)