Khiriwong, a charming natural tourist destination in Nakhon Sri Thammarat province, in the South of Thailand

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Khiriwong is one of the famous tourist destinations in Nakhon Sri Thammarat province, in the South of Thailand. (very close to my hometown, Phatthalung) If you can remember, I posted about this place a long time ago.

It is well-known that the place has the purest air and the nicest atmosphere in Thailand. Yeah! It’s a charming natural place that is surrounded by mountains. That’s why it’s named “Khiriwong”.

Khiri means mountain

Wong means circle (in this case, may mean surrounded by)

If you love nature with peaceful and silent atmosphere, you would love this place.

At Khiriwong, you can admire the beauty of nature closely; touch soft breeze, breathe fresh air or listen to birds’ songs, etc.








If you can listen, the water passing through the various rocks may make some melodies of nature!

That’s really amazing, right?







Apart from the stream, I also love that there are a lot of trees surrounding the area..... These make the area look more refreshing.





In the area called “Nan Hin Tha Ha”, it looks like a canal, but the water is very clear, clean and refreshing.

During the high season, you will see many people, especially children, enjoy playing in the water as you can see in the below photos. Some may come with their friends, some may come with their lovers, or some may come with their family, etc.

I think it's a happy time for them and it's fun to see these as well. (Ah! I would love to ride on those yellow ducks right now! They are very huge and really have bright color!)











Last but not least, Khiriwong bridge is one of the popular viewpoints that most people love to take photos with. (as you can see from the first and below photo)

The mountain view in the background is really wonderful.


I can say that Khiriwong is like a heaven for tourists who want to escape from the busy life in the cities and would like to rest and relax peacefully. And it's a very charming place indeed, I can guarantee.

p.s. These photos came from my sister who recently visited there.


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Thank you so much for picking my post for your daily voting initiative. I highly appreciate it and this can encourage me very much. ;)

Hello my friend, it's been awhile. Nice to talk to you once more and again. I'm slowly getting back on here. Just in time to have to re-learn some new ways of doing things. We old dogs definitely don't like new tricks.
I enjoyed your post, and agree, those huge ducks would be a grand ride on the stream. I have a smaller one like that, but never have seen a HUGE one. What fun. I think even the pigeons enjoyed them...."wishin I was that big...". OK, maybe not, plus, I don't speak pigeon, so how would I know anyways.
Well, it is nice to say hello, hope all is well in your world, and you are happy and doing well. Cheers on a Thursday on this side of things

Oh! I'm very happy to see you here and it's great to talk to you again after a very long time.

Ah! Me, too! "We old dogs definitely don't like new tricks."

I'm glad to know that you enjoyed my post and like those huge ducks. I also used to have some small ones in my bathtub when I was a child, I enjoyed playing with them while bathing very much. Yeah! It would be really fun to ride on those huge ones on the stream! I agree with you, "even the pigeons enjoyed them". (I wish I could speak pigeon.)

Many thanks for your kind wishes! Hope you are happy and doing well, too. Have a wonderful weekend! (I'm still waiting for your post. Hope you start a new one soon.)

Really nice place, but its a little crowded for my taste.

Thanks so much! Ah! Normally, crowded places are not my taste, too. But, only this area that many people gathering to enjoy playing in the water, in other areas, it's very peaceful and tranquil, as you may see in some photos. ;)

I can hear all of the melodies of nature and smell the fresh, mountain air. So much favorite color of nature. What a wonderful place. Your post made me happy because all I see here in the dead of winter is a dull, drab brown...everywhere! I have a wide smile now @tangmo! : ) : ) : )

Oh! I'm very glad that you felt the same as me, my dear sis! And it's great to know that my post made you happy and had a wide smile while you are in the atmosphere of winter. Thanks so much for your nice comment. Take care and always keep warm! A lot of Love! ;))))

I am trying my best to keep warm. You take care too sis and sending you lost of Love and Hugs! : ) : ) : )

Ah! That's great! Many thanks for your kind concern. I'll try to keep cool as well. LOVE LOVE!! ;)))

Very nice place! Natural and beautiful!
Love those big rocks! Like to swim in the stream too! People are having fun!

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. Yeah! It's very nice place indeed. I love those big rocks, too. ;)

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Looks very nice, @tangmo. Nice and green! Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures with us.

Thanks so much for your nice comment. I'm glad you found the place interesting. It's nice and green indeed. ;)

Ah! I loved seeing Khiriwong through your sister's great pictures! It's so nice getting to know a place even from the distance ❤️ I'd absolutely love spending a day in Nan Hin Tha Ha, just relaxing and enjoying the breeze and nice water.

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I'm glad to know that you would love spending a day in Nan Hin Tha Ha. Me, too! It's relaxing and refreshing moment indeed. ;)

wow.. nature....
I love to go in mountain as well, it's very relaxing to me. The wind that blows that makes the leaves of the tree moves fascinates me. That spring as well seeems very cold.

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Thanks a lot for your nice comment and for visiting my blog. I'm glad to know that you love to go to mountain, too. It's very relaxing, I totally agree! ;)

Many thanks for your suggestion regarding @travelfeed app. Unfortunately, I normally use my computer and not my phone when posting my articles. It's easier for me.

No I think it's a Dapp in steem that allows you to post. Just use the travelfeed. io if you don't want to use the app..

Thanks so much for your further information. I'll check it accordingly. ;)

¡Qué hermoso!, me encantó el parque, es una muestra maravillosa de un Creador
excelente. Nos dice mucho de sus sobresalientes cualidades como el amor, sabiduría y gran poder, entre otros.Es bueno recordar siempre a Dios cada vez que veamos su majestuosa creación.
Gracias a Dios por tanta belleza, y, a ti por compartir con la exposición de fotos.

Thank you very much for your nice comment and for visiting my blog. I'm glad you like the place. ;)

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