Khlong Khang Pier Market - one of the best markets in Nakhon Sawan

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Khlong Khang Pier Market12.jpg

After walking around and relaxing in the nice atmosphere at “Pasan Park” in the evening (refer to my previous posts, and, you may probably love to look for delicious foods for your dinner.

I would suggest you go to “Khlong Khang Pier Market” which is not far away from “Pasan Park”. (approx. 5 minutes by car) This market is one of the best markets in Nakhon Sawan province.

Khlong Khang Pier Market is well-known for its environment friendly. Each shop was built with 100% natural materials; i.e. woods, bamboo, coconut leaves, etc. And most of the food containers were made from natural materials; i.e. bamboo water bottles, banana leaves, ceramics, paper, instead of foam and plastic.

There are various kinds of delicious street foods for you at cheap prices; i.e. grilled fish, grilled pork, grilled squid, ancient Thai desserts, or you can also buy organic vegetables, fruits, eggs directly from Thai farmers at the green market zone.

The big sign is the market name in the Thai language.

Most of the merchants wear blue T-shirt uniforms with the screening Thai letters of this market name.

Some of them wear "Jong Kraben" or "loincloth" which is the ancient Thai dress. (in the 7th photo.)

Ah! This market is very unique indeed.

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Khlong Khang Pier Market4.jpg

Khlong Khang Pier Market looks vivid, especially at night with the lights.

Khlong Khang Pier Market8.jpg

Khlong Khang Pier Market5.jpg

Khlong Khang Pier Market6.jpg

Khlong Khang Pier Market7.jpg

You can have your simple dinner with your family or your lovers on the bamboo raft by the river under the gorgeous lights.

It is certainly a wonderful and romantic moment, right?

Khlong Khang Pier Market1.jpg

Khlong Khang Pier Market.jpg

Khlong Khang Pier Market2.jpg

If you visit Nakhon Sawan province, you must not miss “Khlong Khang Pier Market”. Try some delicious foods there, you will surely love them. ;)


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Thanks so much, @theguruasia and @hiveupme, for the great support. 🙂

Khlong Khang Pier Market looks like an amazing place to visit at night, thanks for sharing this awesome place with us.

Thanks so much for your nice comment and for stopping by. It's an amazing place, especially at night, indeed. I'm glad you like the place. 🙂


Thanks a lot for stopping by! ;)

I see people without masks, even those who are cooking, I am not envious because it is not a pleasant sensation, but I feel nostalgic to see that it will take us a long time to leave this uncomfortable garment, it is already a garment, beautiful photos and excellent publication, it is a site That invites you to enjoy regardless of whether it is day or night.

You have good notice! These photos were from my brother's trip before the huge spreader of COVID-19. That's why people didn't wear masks.

Thanks a lot for your concern. We mostly stay at home now. In the meantime, if we have to go outside for some necessities, we strictly wear masks. 🙂